Chroma ATE Offering Test Solutions for Electric Vehicles to Build a Sustainable Future


The electric vehicle (EV) industry has gained significant attention in recent years due to the world’s increasing focus on sustainable energy and carbon reduction. EVs have the potential to reduce emissions and combat climate change, making them a promising technology as more countries set ambitious goals for carbon neutrality. Chroma ATE has been actively involved in the EV and battery testing field for many years, providing comprehensive test solutions for research and development, as well as mass production, to ensure the quality and safety of various e-mobility products. At the 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan exhibition in 2023, Chroma will showcase its latest test solutions and allow visitors to experience the equipment firsthand.

Chroma provides a complete test solution for High Power Charging (HPC) by combining the Chroma 8000 EVSE ATS with the Chroma 61800 grid simulator and the Chroma 17040/17040E battery simulator. This system can also include EV or EVSE simulators for different DC charging standards (CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T, ChaoJi) and can be configured with a single or multiple-coupler high-power charging test platform based on the DUT’s specifications. Chroma’s new PowerPro5 software platform can simulate up to four electric vehicles with different communication protocols simultaneously. 

This software allows users to control the EVSE for simultaneous multi-coupler output based on test conditions, including simulated plugging in at different times for power division testing. This solution closely mimics real charging behavior, shortening overall testing time and expanding test capability and coverage. The Chroma 61800 grid simulator and the Chroma 17040/17040E battery simulator have energy recovery capabilities, reducing equipment power consumption and environmental temperatures, thereby saving costs and contributing to energy conservation and carbon reduction goals.

The Chroma 1210 E-Propulsion Test System is a comprehensive testing solution that integrates a dynamometer, battery simulator, and measurement and control instruments. It can be tailored to meet specific user requirements with additional equipment such as constant temperature and humidity control, a water cooling machine, and other compatible tools. This versatile test system is suitable for testing electric powertrains in both passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as hydrogen fuel cell hybrid vehicles. It offers simulation testing for electric drive systems and provides full coverage for testing electric motors, motor control units, and powertrain systems. By enabling early identification and resolution of issues before whole-vehicle testing, this solution effectively reduces development costs and enhances testing efficiency. It also significantly reduces the risk of failures during on-road verification, thereby improving personnel safety.

Electric vehicle fires often occur during charging due to a shortened distance between the positive and negative electrodes in lithium-ion batteries. This can lead to internal short circuits caused by electrode burrs or metallic particles. Battery cell production inspection commonly faces issues such as low dry cell insulation test voltage and failure to detect electrical flashover during insulation testing. To address these problems, Chroma offers the 11210 Battery Cell Insulation Tester, which features a unique electrical flashover detection technology and a +Flash Test function. This tool can measure the effectiveness of lithium-ion battery insulation before electrolyte injection and detect any abnormal leakage, providing a complete quality test for battery cells. The tester helps prevent poorly insulated products from entering the market and improves battery safety, reducing the risk of EV battery fires.

Electric and hybrid electric vehicles rely heavily on power components for energy conversion, and it is essential that these components have good insulation to avoid continuous partial discharge under rated operating conditions. The Chroma 19501 Partial Discharge Tester provides AC withstand voltage test (up to 5kVac) and PD measurement (1pC~6,000pC@3nF) to efficiently detect high-voltage and high-power components with abnormal insulation quality and ensure long-term operating quality and reliability, in compliance with IEC 60270-1 regulations.

For electric bus and truck applications, Chroma has developed high-performance E-drive systems to meet the demands of both metropolitan and intercity services. The first 300kW 6-phase electric drive for electric bus/coach applications can achieve a max. torque of 3,200Nm, >20% max. gradability, and a top speed of 100km/h. It can automatically switch between 3-phase and 6-phase operations according to driving conditions to improve energy efficiency. Chroma also offers a 3-in-1 150kW e-Axle for electric truck applications, which integrates the motor, inverter, and gearbox. For low-speed EVs like forklifts, trucks, and sightseeing carts, the CR Series motor controllers provide rated output ranging from 10kW to 15kW, suitable for both 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler industrial EV applications. The SMARTuning software comes with an auto-tuning feature that can seamlessly integrate the motor and controller system in just 5 minutes with a significant improvement in accuracy, reducing the time required for integration and testing during dynamometer testing in the laboratory by over 90%. This feature is highly beneficial for efficient and fast testing processes.

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