Euler Hi-Load Electric Cargo Three-Wheeler Review

Did you know that fuel accounts for 35% of the total budget of any industry? Thus, businesses are shifting towards electric commercial vehicles in today’s evolving world. As an outcome, the commercial electric vehicle market is growing faster. In India, the three-wheeler segment shares 50% of the total electric vehicle sales. 

There are now 380 car manufacturers in India. Therefore, it becomes essential to choose the greatest and most economical option. Because it affects the growth and success of the organizations. Optimal commercial vehicles enhance operational efficiency and ensure reliable deliveries of services. It translates into improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Further, the right commercial vehicle reduces the operational cost in the long run. As it is equipped with advanced technologies to optimize the operations further. But, with the plethora of options, selecting the best commercial vehicles can be overwhelming for organizations, especially for someone new to electric vehicles

 Euler Motors is one of the best and most innovative players in the commercial vehicle domain. They have a strong presence in various locations, including Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and Ahmedabad. Recently, they have launched  Euler Motors HiLoad EV in the Indian market.  This vehicle satisfies all the criteria for its class and stands out as the best option for last-mile delivery solutions.

 Let’s continue exploring to get into the detailed specifications of the Euler Motors HiLoad EV. 

Euler Hi-Load EV Battery

The most recent version of the Euler Hi-Load EV has a larger 12.96 kWh battery pack to start. This battery pack still has a liquid cooling system and is IP67-rated. The battery and the vehicle control unit have undergone painstaking internal development and production. It’s important to note that a third-party company provided the battery management system. Interior work has also been done on the motor assembly. It’s crucial to emphasize that the battery is inextricably linked to the device and cannot be removed. With the engine positioned between the two axles, the vehicle’s bulk is strategically centralized, maintaining a low center of gravity and significantly improving the driving dynamics.

The Hi-Load EV now has fast-charging capability, making it possible to reach a range of 50 km in just 15 minutes when connected to a DC fast charger.

Euler Hi-Load EV Enhancements 

The 12-inch radial tires on the newest iteration of the Hi-Load EV have a noticeable 30 percent increase in width, offering improved grip. Additionally, its independent rear suspension guarantees stability when performing u-turns up to 30 kph. The Hi-Load EV retains a 240 mm ground clearance and a wading depth of almost 1 foot (305 mm) even when completely loaded. The cargo capacity has also increased significantly by 30%, reaching 688 kg.

Euler Hi-Load EV Models and Cost Range

The Hi-Load EV has the following models: PV, DV, and HD. Reservations for the PV model have already been started, while a formal announcement regarding the pricing for each variant is still pending.

Notable Features of Euler Hi-Load EV

Because of its digital instrument cluster, which provides valuable data like battery capacity, charging time, and range, the 2023 Euler Hi-Load EV stands out in terms of features. Other notable features include a phone holder, a USB port, and a car tracking system.  One of the remarkable features is a 9-axis inertial measurement system that can be integrated with telematics. As a safety measure, this unit can notify the SOS number when collisions or tip-overs occur as a safety measure.

The quality of the materials utilized in the cabin is far better than its competitor. This also makes the vehicle more durable and robust.  

Performance and Handling of 2023 Euler Hi-Load EV

The three-phase induction motor on the 2023 Euler Hi-Load EV produces 10.96 kW of power and 88.55 Nm of peak torque. The automobile displays considerable pull, even when the cargo bay is completely loaded. Real-world testing shows that the actual range is closer to 120 kilometres despite the claimed range of about 170 kilometres. The suspension tends to be a little on the firmer side. During our evaluation, the EV maintains a top speed of 45 kmph. 

Final Thoughts

The Euler Hi-Load EV firmly establishes itself among the leading models within its segment. Notably, the company asserts that the Euler Hi-Load provides up to 30 percent greater earnings than its counterparts while boasting reduced operational expenses. While electric vehicles may not be ideal for extensive long-distance cargo transport, the Euler Hi-Load EV emerges as a compelling and environmentally conscious choice for intra-city operations, serving as an authentic option in electric cargo three-wheelers.

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