Honda has unveiled an unconventional, suitcase-shaped scooter.

Honda has just introduced an unconventional suitcase-shaped electric scooter with a price tag of a mere $995.

But hold on, this is no ordinary vehicle; it’s the Motocompacto—an endearing, petite electric scooter designed for navigating urban landscapes or college campuses. And I must admit, I’m utterly captivated by it.

Why, you ask? Well, there’s much to admire.

The Motocompacto boasts a charming, rideable suitcase-like design. It reaches a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour and offers a range of 12 miles, according to Honda. What’s more, it lays claim to an adorable acceleration feat, going from zero to 15 mph in just seven seconds. It even provides onboard storage for its charging cable and any other essentials you might want to bring along for the ride.

Even more intriguing is the fact that it’s a spiritual successor to one of Honda’s most iconic vehicles from the 1980s—the Motocompo. This was a compact, foldable motorcycle designed to fit snugly in the trunk of a hatchback. The concept was simple: park your car conveniently, hop on the Motocompo for a jaunt around town, and return home.

Similarly, the Motocompacto’s handlebars, seat, and rear wheel can be collapsed inward, effectively transforming the scooter into its own portable carrying case. Honda claims that the scooter’s compact, rectangular shape makes it easier to stow away in a vehicle or on public transportation.

While it does come equipped with a carrying handle, it’s worth noting that it weighs in at a substantial 41.3 pounds, making it less than ideal for one-handed lifting.

Honda evidently believes that this unique and nostalgic scooter will resonate with a broader audience than just transportation enthusiasts. They have plans to introduce a range of Motocompacto-branded accessories, encompassing backpacks, helmets, and apparel, further solidifying its appeal.

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