Introducing the Candela P-12 Electric Hydrofoiling Vessel

Candela P-12

In a historic stride toward sustainable maritime transport, Candela Technology AB is set to revolutionize the industry with the Candela P-12, the world’s premier electric hydrofoiling passenger vessel.

Eco-Friendly High-Speed Travel Redefined

Following successful test flights in Stockholm, the P-12 is poised to redefine water transportation, marking a pivotal moment in the journey towards eco-friendly, high-speed travel.

Introducing the Candela P-12 Electric Hydrofoiling Vessel

Cutting-Edge Hydrofoil Technology

The Candela P-12’s groundbreaking design revolves around computer-guided hydrofoils, a game-changing technology that elevates the hull above water friction. This innovation drastically reduces energy consumption, enabling the vessel to reach unprecedented speeds.

Unparalleled Speed and Range

With a top speed of 30 knots and an impressive range of up to 50 nautical miles, the P-12 outperforms traditional electric ships, overcoming challenges of limited range and slow speeds that have hindered the widespread adoption of electric vessels.

Introducing the Candela P-12 Electric Hydrofoiling Vessel

Minimal Wake for Environmental Efficiency

A key feature of the vessel is its minimal wake, qualifying it for speed limit exemptions and ensuring an environmentally friendly and efficient water transport experience. Erik Eklund, Candela’s Director for Commercial Vessels, emphasizes the commitment to ushering in a cost-effective and profitable era of sustainable maritime travel, with a competitive starting price of €1.7 million.

Elevated Passenger Experience

Beyond its technical prowess, the Candela P-12 prioritizes passenger experience. Swift and easy boarding facilitated by an extendable, automatic bow ramp and C-POD motors for nimble manoeuvring ensure a seamless journey with each stop’s turnaround time reduced to under 2 minutes.

Introducing the Candela P-12 Electric Hydrofoiling Vessel

Advanced Digital Flight Control System

The digital flight control system enhances the ride by compensating for waves, side wind, and current. Adjusting the hydrofoils’ angle of attack 100 times per second results in a smooth, sea sickness-free journey reminiscent of technology found in modern jet fighters.

Versatility in Design and Functionality

Candela’s commitment to versatility is evident in the P-12’s three variants: the P-12 Shuttle, P-12 Business, and P-12 Voyager. The Shuttle configuration, seating 30 passengers, sets a new standard for sustainable commuting with the lowest operational costs in the industry.

Introducing the Candela P-12 Electric Hydrofoiling Vessel

Tailored Solutions for Various Needs

The Business version offers premium seating for 12 to 20 passengers, while the Voyager version caters to various interior designs, serving both private leisure and commercial clients. Candela founder Gustav Hasselskog highlights, “The P-12 is a platform that will cater to a vast range of clients, revolutionizing how we travel on water.”

Transformative Pilot Program in Stockholm

In a pioneering pilot program, the Candela P-12 Shuttle is set to join Stockholm’s public transport network in 2024. The initiative aims to reduce the Ekerö suburb-city centre commute from 55 to 25 minutes, surpassing cars, buses, and current diesel ferries in speed.

Introducing the Candela P-12 Electric Hydrofoiling Vessel

Revitalizing Waterborne Traffic

The vessel’s minimal wake allows for exemptions from speed limits, revitalizing waterborne traffic in Stockholm and potentially in other waterfront cities.

Candela Technology’s P-12 represents a monumental step towards a sustainable and efficient future for maritime travel. By integrating cutting-edge technology with competitive pricing, the P-12 promises to revolutionize water transportation and contribute significantly to the global shift towards cleaner and faster journeys.

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