Sungrow Hydrogen Introduces Revolutionary Hydrogen Production Technology at Smart Energy Week 2024

Sungrow Hydrogen

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Sungrow Hydrogen Makes Waves at Smart Energy Week 2024

During the recent Smart Energy Week 2024 H₂ & FC EXPO at the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center, all eyes were on Sungrow Hydrogen as it unveiled its latest innovations to the world. Among the highlights was the global debut of the groundbreaking 300Nm³/h PEM water electrolyzer and the launch of their revolutionary flexible hydrogen production solution.

Breaking Records: The 300Nm³/h PEM Water Electrolyzer

Sungrow Hydrogen’s 300Nm³/h PEM water electrolyzer has made waves not only in the Chinese domestic market but also on the international stage. With its record-breaking hourly hydrogen yield per PEM stack and impressive key indicators, it has set a new standard in hydrogen production technology.

Advanced Technology and Performance

The electrolyzer boasts an operating pressure of up to 3.5MPa, thanks to Sungrow Hydrogen’s patented sailing structure. Its integrated design and multi-functional flow channel contribute to a rated DC power consumption of less than 4.15kwh/Nm³ H₂. Additionally, its wide regulation range of 5% to 110% and load regulation rate of 10%/s make it ideal for scenarios requiring dynamic performance adjustment. Enhanced corrosion resistance through multi-gradient coating structures ensures a longer product lifespan.

Flexible Green Hydrogen Production Technology

Sungrow‘s flexible green hydrogen production technology has gained global recognition for its ability to adapt to fluctuations in renewable energy sources such as PV and wind energy. This technology enables stable operation under low power loads and has been successfully implemented in both centralized ALK hydrogen production and distributed PEM hydrogen production scenarios.

Innovative Solutions for Optimal Operation

At the event, Sungrow Hydrogen showcased its Intelligent Hydrogen Management System, demonstrating how flexible green hydrogen production systems can achieve optimal operation under varying conditions. By integrating renewable energy sources, Sungrow Hydrogen’s solutions enable “load with source” and “cluster control,” ensuring efficiency and reliability across different scenarios.

Leading the Way in Green Hydrogen Production

Sungrow Hydrogen’s presence at Smart Energy Week 2024 exemplifies its commitment to innovation and sustainability in hydrogen production. With cutting-edge technology and a focus on customer satisfaction, Sungrow Hydrogen is poised to lead the industry toward a greener, more sustainable future.

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