SWITCH EiV 22, The iconic double-decker bus, setting new standards in Transport Industry

Switch EiV 22

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Switch Mobility, a subsidiary of Ashok Leyland and the Indian arm of Switch Mobility is presenting to you SWITCH EiV 22. The company has been focusing on its core business of diesel-powered vehicles as well as working on alternative fuels like compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), and hydrogen. Hence, it is a no-brainer that SWITCH EiV 22 is a hi-tech electric bus with ultra Uber design, which is revolutionizing public transport in Mumbai streets with its 200 buses

Why SWITCH EiV 22?

The company’s focus is on being the go-to travel companion to many Indian people in the future. The next generation of BEST buses has come in EV avtaar and gone fully electric for cleaner, more imaginative journeys that won’t harm the earth. In addition, there is global expertise in SWITCH mobility with EV buses, which has come into play. 

The Switch EiV 22 model is equipped with the latest technology, ultra-modern design, the highest safety, premium materials, and best-in-class comfort features. To comply with the latest safety standards, Switch EiV 22 has safety doors, along with extra-wide front and rear doors and two staircases, contrary to the narrow corridors of BEST buses. The double-decker bus is designed to have higher passenger safety as it is compliant with the AIS 138 regulations. 

On top of that, the EV is equipped with the latest AC technology to provide a good environment and cooling experience to its passengers to escape the Indian summer. Hence, it provides the safest and most comfortable commute. 

The double-decker bus serves the purpose of easy travel by occupying less road, terminal, and depot floor space per seated passenger and comes with 65 seating arrangements at one time. Therefore lessening the load of traffic in the morning rush. A perfect solution for city transportation. But we still have some features for you on this model. 

Wait, there are more features? How cool can it be?

Features Of Switch EiV 22:

  • The model is equipped with GPS for real-time vehicle diagnostics and remote access. The bus comes with SWITCH iON, which is Switch Mobility’s proprietary technology.
  • It has a world-class digital battery management system. The double-decker bus has an in-built 231kWh capacity with a Lithium-ion- NMC chemistry battery pack, which has liquid cooling technology along with the 2 Gun fast charging facility. The facility is specially formulated for the Indian market and climatic conditions.
  • The battery can be fully charged within 2-3 hours. Not bad for a double-decker bus. 
  • EiV 22 has a range of 250km for the intra-city application.
  • To navigate city traffic, the model has a lightweight rollover-compliant bus body. 
  • The model has the latest fire safety technology to alert the passengers in case of any thermal event.
  • The electric bus also has Automatic Transmission.
  • The bus has Front and Rear Air Suspension. Specific use of a Weveller suspension at the front and an air suspension at the back make sure that the passengers do not feel uncomfortable. The feature has been added to accommodate Indian roads. 

Ultimately, the Switch EiV 22 boasts a lightweight aluminum body construction, offering a higher passenger-to-weight ratio and a competitive cost per km per passenger, the company claims. The features are well suited for the Indian market and climate. But what about accurate statistics? 

Does SWITCH EiV 22 buses stay true to the claim?

The current range of buses in India has had the luxury of 98% uptime due to its product design, engineering, and performance. The buses have contributed to 41% less space on the road, offering higher passenger capacity per footprint, with 86% more passengers for only an 18% increase in weight and 36% less energy consumed per passenger. 

Hence, this leads to lower congestion and lower operational expenses.

More so, the electric double-decker will contribute to significant carbon savings with 14,000 tonnes equivalent to planting over 86,000 trees and fuel savings of 26 million liters of diesel annually. The result is in line with Switch Mobility’s vision to democratize zero-carbon mobility. Well, going by these statistics, we could say that electric buses should be incorporated into Indian roads for a better future and transportation. 

Road Ahead for Switch EiV 22

The components of the vehicle are designed, developed, and manufactured in India. Therefore, automobile makers can clearly avail of the FAME II scheme. The renewed icon of public transport will revolutionize and set new standards across the industry. 

“Currently, we have at least 7-8 states who have shown interest in Switch EiV 22, and we are working with them,” said Mahesh Babu, CEO of Switch Mobility India and COO of Switch Mobility Ltd. In addition, the CEO is in talks with various transportation operators about using the buses for intercity travel. With global expertise and an Indian Manufacturing facility, the metro decker buses are now well-positioned to address the global double-decker market and support cities in meeting their net-zero targets. 

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