Ather 450X: The scooter that pays you back. Does it?

Ather 450X Gen 3

The Indian market has come a long way in accepting that two-wheeler EVs can have a market. It holds for the first-gen Ather 450, which was launched back in 2018. But after two years, Ather came with a new variant, which is the Ather 450X. 

It was essentially the same scooter but with a change in OS. Throw in some software updates, the introduction of Bluetooth connectivity, the ‘Warp’ mode, and some additional body colour options, and you have yourself a new upgrade. 

But now the company has listened to its loyal customer base and come up with further improvements to its pride and joy. It’s what Ather calls the Gen 3 model. So, let’s get right into what it’s all about.

So, what are the changes in the upgrade? Let’s know them. Shall we? 

Firstly, there is an upgrade of 0.8 kWh battery in the new Ather Energy 450X Gen 3. Now, that translates to a real-world range of 100 km. Now, I don’t have to worry about range if a long detour is impromptu scheduled. 

Fatter tyres have improved handling.

As a two-wheeler enthusiast, I am on the fatter tyre team. What makes it more enjoyable?

It’s an even better corner carver than it originally was. The improvement is quite notable as the way the scooter sticks to a line. It only helps in handling the EV like a breeze. And attacks the daily commute with more vigor.

The fatter tires bypass the firm ride problem, and the best solution, according to me, is to carry more speed over a bumpy road.

New mirrors are functionally a lot better. 

The new mirrors have made a world of difference in giving me a clear picture of the traffic behind me— the previous mirrors, though sharper looking and nicer in terms of design, lacked functionality. 

In previous Gen 2, I always tended to look over my shoulders as I just couldn’t see vehicles running just behind the scooter. 

Thankfully, this is not the case now. 

Ather Energy 450X Gen 3 Specifications and Price

Feature450X 2.9 kWh450X 3.7 kWh
Price₹ 1,25,550₹ 1,28,671
Battery Capacity2.9 kWh3.7 kWh
Range (claimed)85 km115 km
Charging Time (Fast Charging)5.4 hours3.3 hours
Charging Time (Standard Charging)10 hours13.7 hours
Motor Power6.2 kW peak8.5 kW peak
Top Speed85 kmph90 kmph
Acceleration (0-40 kmph)3.9 seconds3.3 seconds
Weight108 kg113 kg
Display7″ touch-screen with Android Open Source OS
Connectivity4G, Bluetooth
FeaturesReverse assist, Hill Hold, Onboard Navigation, Anti-Theft alarm, LED projector headlight, etc.

The areas need improvement.

If we are talking about the reliability of Ather 450X, then it is mechanism has been par excellence. The battery range indicator can be trusted, while the time taken to charge the battery is as estimated, and everything runs glitch-free.

Except Google Maps.

It takes a while to load and is laggy at times. Solution? He knew the Atherstack 5 software update. 

It was released recently and will plug into your scooter soon. The update also displays live traffic data. The company has also introduced a new, broader, and more comfortable seat on the updated scooter. 

The last new bit, Smart/Eco ride mode, is undoubtedly a hit. The mode essentially uses an algorithm that ensures that you cover the maximum amount of kilometres with the left amount of battery. 

What does it do? The scooter’s brain will allow you to ride as fast as the scooter’s top speed of 80kmph sometimes. 

But if you are draining the battery too quickly, it will kill power and not allow you to exceed 40kmph.

Battery and Performance 

As a customer, I was already dreading the hot and humid weather and its overall effect on performance.

But neither were there any thermal issues nor a dip in performance. He carefully designed the fan and venting system, which are undoubtedly responsible. But there is more. 

Ather Energy makers have been creative with the cooling system. 

They have placed a lot of thermal absorbing materials, which turn to jelly during excessive heat and thus cool down the engine faster while absorbing the heat. Also, turn it back to the original form when the engine has cooled down. 

Speaking of the recommended 30 psi front and 32 psi rear tyre pressures combined with any metropolitan road surface can lead to some issues. 

The repeated pounding over the wrong road caused the steering cone set nut to work itself loose. It resulted in the steering column moving under hard braking. t is not a widespread issue.

But when confirmed with the folks at the service centre, they also noticed that other At1ers have the same problem. 

The simple solution for this is to retorque the nut as per recommendation.

But everything is not as wrong under the sun.

The company has made some good improvements. All the essential functional components of the scooter, like BMS and the motor controller, have been rigorously tested. 

As we said, Ather has tested and designed the battery in-house and reduced the probability of thermal runaway. The new battery has 25 percent more capacity, 25 percent longer life, and a claimed 20 km increase in range, which all sounds great.

The new tires do feel reassuring when traveling over tricky road surfaces. 

Is it worth it? 

Ather claims altering the 450X’s aesthetics wasn’t an absolute priority, with more focus being on refining the ride experience of the scooter.

Well, they have been faithful to their word. The change is similar. Iit if we take in the performance factor, then their alterations will take the cake. 

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