By MG’s Own Admission, MG Comet EV is a Gamble. Will it disrupt the market?

MG Comet EV

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In India, cars are judged on a wide range of parameters. It is even more judged in lower segments where it is the family’s sole mode of transport. We have reviewed a lot of cars and vehicles, and it is easy to wrap your head around most of them. But with MG Comet, it’s a bit more complex.

MG Comet EV

With the lowest and at a par price to boast of with other regular EVs like Tiago EV and Citroen eC3, it is an urban electric hatchback with an unlimited sunroof. The roof liner is of a high-quality woven variety, with a trending choice of colors – light grey and glossy white – to make it feel cool and techy if prone to getting dirty. 

Despite all these points, it still feels like nothing else, which is what MG wants. They want to be disruptive and woo a particular specific set of buyers. Its top-end variant, Plush, which gets all the advertised advanced entertainment & connectivity features, comes at an ex-showroom price of Rs 9.98 lakh. However, the rice range dangles from ₹ 7.98 Lakh – ₹ 10.63 Lakh.

This review blog will explore what works for the MG Comet EV and what does not. 

First, What works in MG Comet Favour?

The design execution has a premium feel. Starting from the generous use of chrome, contrasting colors, and lots of LEDs – in the headlamps, tail-lamps, wing-mirror indicators, and distinctive light bars at the front and rear. The lighting gives a premium look thanks to the high-quality elements within each projector unit. Even the MG logo lights up like a Christmas tree. 

MG Comet EV

LED turn indicators are seamlessly integrated into the outside rearview mirrors (ORVMs). Additionally, there are chrome integrated car handles, which give a plush feel. The Aero Wiper completes the exterior package by serving the dual purpose of style and functionality. The giant glasshouse lets in a lot of light and gives a superb view.

The charging point is in the nose, with no front boot. On the tailgate is MG’s now-ubiquitous’ Internet Inside’ badge. The design and the LED lights earn the car some pointers. What is the USP of the MG comet? Its perceived quality from the outside. The techy theme of steering controls that are reminiscent of the click-wheel of the Apple iPod from 22 years ago. Also, you can spice things up by selecting styling and decal packs from MG’s catalog. 

MG Comet EV

The other arena where MG Comet earns some more brownie points is safety. Though it looks like a budget car, the plastic quality is superb all around. The vehicle is well assembled with few gaps or rough edges and soft-touch material on the dash and doors. The car is claimed to get from 10-80 percent in 5 hours and up to 100 percent in 7 hours, which makes sense. This is because all EV batteries lower their charge rate by the last 20 percent. It also has two airbags in case of any emergencies. 

Now, let’s talk about what doesn’t work. 

MG Comet EV
  • It’s 2023, and we are banging on 2024. But clearly, MG Comet EV has missed the memo of emergency. There is no room for the spare tire. However, it has a puncture kit to fill that gap. 
  • MG Motors wants to sell it to the young crowd who are freshers or families on a budget. But it could have indeed used more funky colors other than metallic grey, black and white, and Apple Green. 
  • The car is narrow with no extra leg space, and you will be near the person beside you. The seats are also set high without any height adjustment. 
  • The tiny dashboard has just enough space to carry a mobile phone. 
  • It has a keyless go and no start button. It means the MG Comet is started by simply depressing the brake pedal for 2 seconds and switched off by getting out and locking the car. 
  • The Comet is best at slow and medium speeds, suitable for an urban runabout. Getting to 80 kmph took a lot of work—our advice: don’t plan on shaming petrol cars shooting off from a traffic light.
  • If the road is bumpy, stubby wheels and tires don’t have the compliance you’d find from a bigger car or one with longer-travel suspension. You will feel every road imperfection. But slowing down can help as the suspension works best at a slow speed. 

What should you choose, MG Comet or Tata Tiago?

On the one hand, you are getting a 3-door electricity car with 230 km of the claimed range. On the other hand, a bigger car with fewer tech features but more cabin & boot space, five doors, and a higher claimed range of 315 km. Comet EV is a perfect city car, but if you plan on occasional highways or long trips, Tata Tiago EV will always help. 

The Final Verdict

It is a comfortable and practical city car and an excellent choice for those who prioritize cabin space. With its good vibes, cost-effective ownership experience, affordable spare parts, and widespread service availability across the country, it can be a good add-on for a family who already has another car in the garage. 

MG Comet EV

The early birds/ buyers will use Comet to commute alone, have dinner with their partner, or, at the very least, a movie with two friends. It is not used for road trips, shift houses, or airport runs. It could be used for school runs with families having children. 

There is a lot of room for improvement, but the car sounds designed for a specific use. MG believes this is already the reality for most young people in big cities, as evidenced by several dramatic statistics in their product presentation. And that is what they are banking on. The car is designed to be the master of a focused few rather than be a jack of trades. 

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