Commuting in a two-wheeler or four-wheeler EV is so boring. Why not change the status quo with EMotorad X2, a mountain e-bike?

EMotorad X2

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Chase the wind, explore unknown routes, race them through a course, or just watch them ride along for kicks and giggles. All this without much effort. The sense of freedom that accompanies every ride is unparalleled and ingrained in every cycle enthusiast’s soul with EMotorad X2.

A mountain e-bike designed to cater to a wide range of riders, right from daily commuters who want to take a bicycle for work or adrenaline enthusiasts. 

EMotorad X2

First, what is an e-bike?

A cycle/bike which can be powered through pedals and battery

Okay, but what is EMotorad X2’s specialty?

With its unisex frame design and conveniently lowered top tube, this electric cycle ensures effortless step-through access for everyone. It stands out for its good quality, aka tough steel frame, which feels solid and sturdy, instilling confidence in the rider.

EMotorad is an Electric Bicycle brand that strives to bring futuristic E-bikes at an affordable price for all commuters. Be it adventure seekers, daily commuters, or casual riders. As a brand, they want to take the electric cycle market to new heights with their innovative electric bicycle models. 

They want to make commutes and leisure rides on smooth and rough urban roads an everyday affair. 

Now let’s take a quick summary of what we liked and what we didn’t like

Summary of USP and pain points


  • The stylish hardtail step-through frame design gives a comfortable riding posture. 
  • Powerful acceleration on Pedal Assist and Throttle modes.
  • Fast-rolling 27.5″ Hartex MTB tires

Pain points

Since the above is a quick summary, let’s do a detailed one that gives you an idea of EMotorad X2. But before that, specifications.

Ccharging time 4-5 hour 
Motor TypeE motorad
Brakes FrontDisc
Wheels TypeSpoke
Top Speed 25 km/hr
Battery TypeLi-ion
Starting TypePush Button Start
Tyre TypeTube
Drive TypeHub Motor
Fuel TypeElectric
Brakes rearDisc
Tyre sizeFront : 2.75-2.1Rear  : 2.75-2.1 
Wheel sizeFront: 53.34 mmRear  : 53.34 mm.
Wheels spoke
Additional Features1 Level of Pedal Assist, Range – 35 to 40 km on Pedal Assist, 30 kms on Throttle, Ebrakes

Detailed Review of EMotorad X2


The steel frame is smoothly welded for hitting both tarmacs and trail surfaces. The step-through frame build only helps in the detachable battery pack, thus keeping the weight distribution on point. 

The step-through makes it a Unisex electric bicycle. 

What’s more interesting is the front suspension fork, which is more than sufficient to handle bumps and potholes in the city. 


The design of EMotorad X2 is quite trendy, with one vibrant color as its focus- Light green.

The front suspension is in light blue, complementing the primary framework. While the gloss finish paint job was of great quality. 

Well, we are talking about e-bikes, so it has to come with an LCD located on the left-hand side of the handlebar. It provides essential information such as speed, distance traveled, trip meter, battery voltage meter, pedal-assist mode, and battery level.

EMotorad X2 electric bike

The display is clear and legible, hence enhancing the overall user experience. 

The power lock function in the right-hand sidebar, which can be turned off and on with the help of a key, is an innovative feature. It turns on the system while ensuring security. 


Gearing is essential, but batteries will always overpower the gears on speed. For short commutes, essentially, there will be no necessity for gear. 

The lack of gearing components also reduces the weight of an e-bike. 

But if the bike doesn’t have a battery, then you will need multiple gears. Without a battery, it becomes very heavy to pedal. 


The heart of EMotorad X2 is the battery. The bike is powered by a rear hub BLDC 36V 250W rear hub motor.

The motor is powered by a 7.65Ah lithium-ion. The battery is detachable and sits on the bottom tube. 

Hence, it is easy to install and remove. 

The throttle on the right grip is easy to use and also brings a fun factor to the E-bicycle. At the same time, the 5-level pedal assist gave five different levels of power assist from the battery for each pedal.

The maximum speed attained by battery power is 25 km/hr. 

With A full charge, the battery is capable of giving 30 km in throttle mode and 35-40 km in pedal assist mode.

The figures can differ depending on the riding style and weight of the rider. 

The battery needs only 3 to 4 hours for 100% charge. 

EMotorad X2 electric bike

Riding Experience 

Purk controls the stopping power of Electric Bicycle branded Mechanical Disc brakes at the front and rear. The brakes are powerful enough to get the E-Bicycle to stop safely and quickly, even if the cycle is at its highest speed. 

The 660mm Steel handlebar on this Electric Bicycle, along with an alloy stem, is comfortable for the rider. It allows them to get into a comfortable riding posture. 

EMotorad X2

Also, the stock saddle on the X2 is completely focused on comfort with enough cushioning. It ensures that the rider doesn’t experience soreness from the saddle, even on bumpy roads. 

The 27.5″ x 2.1″ Hartex MTB tires on the EMotorad X2 were fast rolling on smooth and rough urban roads. Being a mountain E-bicycle, it was also gilded perfectly on rough roads. 

So the hard question: Should you go for it?

Well, if the cycle is your first love, then definitely yes. With a firm throttle and a 7.65Ah battery ensuring extended range, it helps give a fun quotient to the E-Bicycle riding experience.

The Purk Mechanical Disc brakes and Hartex 27.5″ MTB tires make it both safe and comfortable to ride at high speeds. Priced at Rs Rs.31,999(as of 23rd March 2023), the EMotorad X2 is an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy a performance-focused Electric Unisex MTB E-Bicycle with a detachable battery.

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