India’s First Biogas-Powered EV Charging Station at Bengaluru by GPS Renewables

Biogas-Powered EV Charging Station

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GPS Renewables, a cleantech firm, was founded in 2012 by IIM graduates Mainak Chakraborty and Sreekrishna Sankar, with support from the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) and Aerocare Clean Energy. GPS Renewables has introduced a new eco-friendly solution for charging electric vehicles (EVs) using biogas. The company has set up an electric vehicle charging station in Mumbai that uses biogas generated from a biomethane plant. 

The biogas-powered electric vehicle charging station offers fast charging for electric vehicles in just 45 minutes, as compared to the average 4 hours taken by normal charging stations. The charging station’s biogas-generated set produces renewable power using purified biogas. Biogas is fed into the charging station, which produces electricity from the biogas and supplies the required electric current to charge electric vehicles. The plant at Mumbai has a capacity of using 2 tonnes of organic waste per day, which can produce 240 cubic meters of biogas per day, enough to power 8 cars completely.

Biogas-Powered EV Charging station at bangalore

The motive behind this Biogas-Powered EV Charging is to establish electric vehicle charging stations that are 100 per cent green and in turn drive large-scale adoption of sustainable behaviour. Therefore, with the inspiration of making electric vehicles a completely clean energy model. 

The price of charging an electric vehicle at the biogas-powered electric vehicle charging station as of May 2022 was Rs 15 per kWh (unit), not inclusive of GST. GPS Renewables aims to replicate this model across electric vehicle charging stations in the country.

GPS Renewables sources its input produce for the bio methanation plant from nearby establishments such as hotels, motels, restaurants, and small eateries. The organic wet waste discarded by them goes as feedstock into the plant, which is transported through green waste collector trucks appointed by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).

The company has more than 100 biogas plants established and operational across India and is incubating a project to transform the compostable fraction of Municipal Solid Waste into Bio CNG.

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