Ola S1 Pro: Ultimate Choice of Consumers

Ola S1 Pro

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If electric two-wheelers are concerned, Ola is the most powerful EV in terms of sales. Continuing the sale frenzy is the Ola S1 Pro, which commands magnificent numbers in sales. All this is because of the 8.5kW permanent magnet motor.

So, some may think that EVs cannot keep up with the traffic in the city. 

Ola S1 Pro

But the Ola S1 pro has no qualms about keeping up with the city traffic and can give the thrill of speed on wider, faster-flowing stretches of road.

Before going on what works and doesn’t work for the EV, let’s know a bit about the specifications.

Ola S1 Pro Specifications

Mileage-Range195 km/charge
Motor Power (w)11000 Wh
Motor TypeMid Drive IPM
Charging Time6.5 Hr
Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Disc
Body TypeElectric Scooter
Braking TypeCombine Braking System
Clock      Yes
Charging Point Yes
Fast Charging Yes
Mobile ConnectivityBluetooth,WiFi
Battery Warranty 3 Years or 40,000 Km
Call and messagingyes
Roadside Assistance Yes
Mobile Application Yes
Geo-fencing Yes
Anti Theft Alarm Yes

Pros of Buying an Ola S1 Pro

Let’s address why we always spend money on EVs rather than buying an ICE. 

The battery returns 100km of range in one charge, which costs around Rs 8/10 (depending upon the city you are residing). The overall cost comes to Rs 1809 for the entire distance. 

If we compare the cost with an ICE of 55 km, it can cost you over Rs 7500 for fuel. That is money, and the operation cost difference feels like ICE, a bank breaker.  

Since we said a review, Let’s get to the star part and what didn’t click the part of the EV.

Things I Liked

So, what we very much liked is the usability factor. As we have said earlier, the performance is top-notch for an EV. Adding to that is amole boot space and add-on GPS features.

The Ola S1 pro must be charged for the 100 km range, and it lives up to its promise. Even with long commuting days, there was enough charge for the next day. 

Ola S1 Pro

Amazingly, the scooter automatically switches to eco mode once the range slumps lower than 25 km, and the top speed gets locked at 43 mph.

Hence, it allows an even depletion of the charge till the battery is completely drained.

The second most appreciative part is the boot storage. It is a dream for daily use as you can easily store your entire backpack with a charger

The only downside of the boot storage was that anyone could easily slide in their hands, even if there was a handle lock. It means built quality is not that great and can be a safety threat in the future. 

Coming to the performance, the Ola S1 Pro is commendably quick off the line, especially in the sport and hyper modes. Zipping its way with 100kmph is an absolute cakewalk. 

But BMS lets you revel in this luxury for a few minutes as the system heats up. It is a no-brainer now that you must ride in normal mode until the system cools down for the scooter to switch modes.

But the makers have automated the EV at top speeds of 80 mph and 95 Km H for normal and sport modes, respectively-which is enough speed for daily commutes. 

The other features are the navigation system and cruise control. They have been among the users. 

Now, simply type in the location on the screen, and the directions will be accurate. GPS’s only shortcoming is that it takes a while to reroute if you deviate from suggested directions.

The cruise control is handy when there is a large patch of freeway and bare minimum traffic. One other thing which quite got our attention is smartphone connectivity. 

You can easily lock and unlock with the Ola Electric app. The said feature comes in handy when switches on the screen become inaccessible. 

Now, the Things I Disliked

The good things always have some flaws. They have their four chink in the armour. 

Right from software glitches to malfunctioning of the TFT display to the scooter being unlocked and even in ride mode. Let’s address the problems one by one. 

Another area where Ola fumbled is cost cutting. When you are travelling, you look for comfort. Its seat is narrow and lacks length.

Ola S1 Pro

The cushion is softer, but still, you will need space to move around or adjust the scooter. The lack of space makes it more cumbersome. 

Another cost-cutting area is packaging foam instead of a rubber cap at the charging port. During the rainy season or cleaning, that area will only soak water due to the absorbing capacity of foam. 

Our major problem area was the front suspension on the Ola S1 Pro. It was too soft and bottomed out on minor potholes/speed bumps

The braking also didn’t seem coherent after a few months of usage. Also, the rear tyre had begun locking under slightly hard braking. 

Should You Buy It?

Yes, it would help if you went for the Ola S1 Pro. But it is better suited for young buyers, geeks, and office-goers who’d prefer something more than just a plain electric scooter.

It will surely help you go from point A to B while having fun at it ( if you fancy using the speakers and moods) with more convenience. 

However, there are other options in the electric two EVs with better OEM reliability and decades of experience- and lower prices. 

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