A combination of Rough and Suave with a guarantee of 140 km on A single charge: Here is the mXmoto MX9, the Electric Bike for you.

mXmoto MX9

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In the Indian market, the most brilliant idea for big giants is to team up with new companies who can share their expertise. They are nascent startups funded by venture capitalists and angel investors. To join this list is mXmoto, the latest entrant who is preparing to unveil its inaugural electric bike, the MX-9, in India next month. Mx Moto is a Europe-inspired new electric vehicle startup in India. MX9 is the maiden model electric motorcycle, which has a starting price of Rs 1.46 lakh, ex-showroom. 

Generally, we go straight towards specifications and features. But bikes are all about style and passion. So, let’s know what it looks and feels like to ride a bike on the road.

Exterior Features of mXmoto MX9

You know something is great when the worldwide renowned designer Marcello Silva ( designer of the most fascinating bikes in recent years) has created those motorbikes. His pencil has articulately captured the vision of the company. 

MXMOTO’s MX9 Electric Bike: The Ultimate Adventure Companion

The bike has it all. Its sporty features a roadster design with an aggressive-looking faux fuel tank and what looks to be an upright riding position. Going by the teasers, the bike features a rounded LED headlamp with a small fly TFT screen. The next-generation motorcycle is a combination of safety, performance, and intelligence. 

As we said, bikes are all about style. MX Moto and the designer Marcello Silva have not compromised it by giving two colour options: a dual-tone grey and black finish and black. On the other hand, the feel of riding this bike is buttery smooth. 

To our credit, we can go on and on with the looks as the vehicle aces the marks in its eyes. But that alone will not qualify if MxMoto Mx9 is a good buy or not.

Specifications and Features of mXmoto MX9

First things first. Bikes have to provide a market average range within the same economic range. MX9 delivers just that with its 125-145 km on a single charge. The electric motorcycle is suspended by a USD setup at the front and a mono-shock at the rear. It is one of the bikes that insists upon Safety First. 

mXmoto MX9

The mXmoto MX9 has a 4,000-watt hub motor with a torque of 140 Nm. It easily converts to ensure quick acceleration. Again, that was one of the points which I liked. A bike enthusiast likes speed, so if I am using the second gear in full throttle and want to apply brakes. What will happen? Will the bike skid?


The sports bike has additional features like cruise control, reverse assist, and anti-skid/hill assist, making it a well-rounded choice for riders seeking both convenience and safety. So, in this price range, you are getting a sports bike that can also be used for daily commutes, as it just takes 3 hours to go from 0 to 90%. 

It can be quickly done with the help of a 3.2 kWh LIFEPO4 battery pack. The batteries provide high energy density and a long lifespan, making them ideal for powering electric vehicles—a practical solution to a functional problem. We also have a TFT display, which adds a modern touch, offering onboard navigation and a Bluetooth sound system cruise control, with app integration. 

“I am optimistic that our new and advanced MX9 will meet Indian bikers’ expectations to a tee. Indeed, MX9 is going to be a favorite pick for the riders who are seeking a safe and green ride in style,” said Rajendra Malhotra, Managing Director of mXmoto. 

Other Features

  • Mobile charging unit with remote connectivity 
  • Fire resistant battery
  • 98% conversion efficiency
  • High-performance controller 

But we still need to complete the features section. It is probably one of the EV bikes that insists on safety. Let’s know How? 

Safety: The Primary USP Feature of mX9

We have emphasized time and again that its balance is worth mentioning. It is because of the positioning of the LIFEPO4 battery pack. Placed at the center of the vehicle, it gives a much-needed center of gravity to the machine. It has an adjustable rear suspension. Riders can now experience racing motorcycle-type central shock absorbers, surpassing traditional bilateral suspension systems. It maintains the vehicle’s gravity at the center during turns. The flexibility provides a heightened sense of balance.

There are also 17-inch wheels and features such as a 60 AMP controller, regenerative braking, a remarkable climbing angle, and energy-saving features, which the company says enhance the output by 16 percent. The feature only enhances the system to achieve a higher level of performance. 

mXmoto MX9

The above feature alone redefines the standards of performance in mX9. Also, the TFT screen with navigation, reverse assist, anti-skid/hill assist, and parking assist. What does it primarily do?

The advanced intelligence of Park Assist, a game-changing feature mode, sets the stage for confident navigation, becoming the primary mode of operation. The Anti Skid/Hill Assist feature is designed to revolutionize your riding experience on incline slopes and rocky terrains. 

“With a robust focus on advanced safety features, rigorous testing, and relentless pursuit of continuous improvement, mXmoto places the well-being of riders at the forefront. By creating a secure riding experience, we ensure that bike enthusiasts can embark on their adventures with peace of mind. Our first bike, mX9, is a complete package of safety, performance, and intelligence, and I am certain it will soon be the favourite pick for riders seeking amazing riding experience in clean mobility,” said Rajendra Malhotra, Managing Director of mXmoto.

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