REE Automotive Achieves Milestone with First-Ever Fully X-by-Wire Electric Truck Deliveries

P7-C electric truck

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In a significant achievement, REE Automotive, Inc. ($REE) has recently obtained US certification for its groundbreaking P7-C electric truck, making it the first-ever vehicle to operate entirely through steer-by-wire, brake-by-wire, and drive-by-wire technology. This milestone comes two years after the introduction of the modular P7 platform, designed with a focus on fleet applications, particularly for delivery operators in the United States.

Evolution of the P7 Platform:

Since its debut at CES 2022, REE Automotive has made notable strides, unveiling the Class 3 box truck variant, the P7-B, securing a battery supplier, and introducing the P7-C. The company garnered substantial customer interest in the latter half of 2023, accumulating over $40 million in binding orders by Q3 of that year.

Certification and Feasibility:

In tandem with the growing interest, REE prioritized obtaining EPA and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) certification for the x-by-wire system integrated into the P7 platform. As of the latest update, REE has successfully achieved this certification, marking a historic moment for the automotive industry.

Commencement of Deliveries:

With the certifications in hand, REE has initiated deliveries of its P7-C chassis cab. Equipped with REE’s proprietary REEcorner and x-by-wire technology, demonstration models are making their way to authorized dealers, starting with Pritchard EV in Iowa.

REE’s pioneering achievement in delivering a fully x-by-wire electric vehicle underscores the platform’s modular design, reduced parts and maintenance requirements, and streamlined time-to-market.

Tax Credits and Incentives:

 P7-C electric truck

REE’s P7-C EV is not only breaking technological barriers but also bringing financial benefits to customers. The vehicle qualifies for the IRS’ Commercial Clean Vehicle Tax Credit in the US, allowing for a tax credit of up to $40,000 per vehicle.

Additionally, REE is actively pursuing approval for eligibility in various state incentives, potentially boosting total incentives to over $100,000 per vehicle based on the customer’s location.

Experience enhanced maneuverability, rapid responsiveness, and cost-efficiency with the innovative features of REE Automotive’s electric vehicle, designed to excel in urban driving conditions.

Turning Circle39 FT. turning circle for nimble navigation in tight urban spaces with all-wheel steer (AWS).
Time to LockLess than 300 MS time to lock thanks to REEcorner architecture, ensuring quick city driving stops.
Platform Height24 IN. platform height for a low step-in, saving time and minimizing driver fatigue and injury risks during numerous stops.
Aerodynamic DesignOptimal curvature for reduced drag and energy consumption, maximizing the electric vehicle’s range.
Clear Sight LinesLarge windshield areas minimize blind spots, providing optimal visibility in busy urban environments.
Lower Total Cost of OwnershipReduced downtime, efficient servicing, and a long lifespan contribute to lower total cost of ownership in both near- and long-term perspectives.


Explore the impressive specifications of REE Automotive’s electric vehicle, boasting a gross vehicle weight of 16,000 LBS, a powerful 536 HP peak, and a maximum payload capacity of 7,054 LBS. With a target range of 150 miles and innovative features such as AWD, AWS, AWB, and X-BY-WIRE drive system, this vehicle delivers a versatile and high-performance solution for various applications.

Gross Vehicle Weight16,000 LBS
Max Payload7,054 LBS
Peak Power536 HP
Max. Body Length16 FT.
Range (Target)150 MILES
DrivetrainAWD (All-Wheel Drive)
SteeringAWS (All-Wheel Steer)
BrakingAWB (All-Wheel Brake)
Drive SystemX-BY-WIRE

Future Rollout and Expansion:

As the initial deliveries commence with Pritchard EV, REE is poised to extend its reach to additional authorized dealers and prominent fleet customers in the coming weeks. The company aims to leverage its dealership network to introduce the P7 platform to fleet customers across the United States, starting with the P7-C model.


REE Automotive’s successful certification and initiation of deliveries for the P7-C electric truck mark a pivotal moment in the electric vehicle landscape. The groundbreaking x-by-wire technology, coupled with financial incentives, positions REE as a significant player in the evolving automotive industry, with the potential to revolutionize the way electric vehicles are designed, certified, and delivered to customers.

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