Tristar Eships Partners with Wärtsilä for Maritime Decarbonization


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Tristar Eships, the maritime logistics arm of the renowned Tristar Group based in Dubai, has forged a strategic alliance with Wärtsilä’s Decarbonization Services to propel its eco-friendly initiatives.

Decarbonization Services: Reducing Carbon Footprint

The collaboration entails deploying Wärtsilä’s cutting-edge Decarbonization Services to enhance the environmental sustainability of Tristar Eships‘ operations. Initially, the focus will be on optimizing two vessels within the company’s fleet to achieve substantial reductions in carbon emissions.

Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency

Wärtsilä’s Decarbonization Services offer a customized approach tailored to the unique requirements of Tristar Eships. This comprehensive solution encompasses various technologies and analyses aimed at augmenting efficiency and minimizing carbon footprint.

Technological Advancements for Sustainable Shipping

The analysis will encompass a suite of Wärtsilä technologies, including EnergoFlow, EnergoProFin, optimized propeller, shaft generator, and the capability to operate on biofuel. These innovations represent a significant leap forward in the quest for sustainable shipping practices.

Vessels Undergoing Decarbonization Analysis

The initial focus of the partnership will be on two prominent vessels in Tristar Eships’ fleet: the Solar Nesrin and the Silver Muna. These vessels, known for their substantial size and operational significance, will serve as the primary beneficiaries of the decarbonization analysis.

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Tim Coffin, CEO of Tristar Eships, expressed a firm commitment to reducing the company’s emissions footprint. He emphasized the importance of leveraging Wärtsilä’s Decarbonization Services as a pivotal tool in achieving this objective.

Strategic Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

Rajan Khanna, Head of Sales, Middle East – Wärtsilä Marine, highlighted the significance of strategic collaborations in navigating the evolving landscape of maritime decarbonization. He reiterated Wärtsilä’s commitment to supporting customers like Tristar Eships in effectively managing their carbon footprint.


The partnership between Tristar Eships and Wärtsilä heralds a new era of sustainable shipping practices. By harnessing the power of innovative technologies and collaborative efforts, both entities are poised to make significant strides toward a greener, more sustainable future for the maritime industry.

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