VTRO Motors introduces SaaS solutions for tracking the consumption of EV batteries

VTRO Motors

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VTRO Motors is offering a complete package for electric vehicle (EV) players, including both software and hardware solutions for charging stations. They’re rolling out their entire offering in three phases over the next few months.

One exciting thing they’re offering is an AI-based SaaS service that can help EV manufacturers and battery makers improve customization, lower costs, and improve connectivity. Plus, they’re also focusing on scalable charging station infrastructure hardware solutions.

EVs are becoming more popular in India, but there are still some pain points, like the lack of charging infrastructure. VTRO has created a universal, AI-enabled IoT module that can be added to any electric vehicle (EV) battery on the market. This module collects data on the battery’s performance, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of the innovation and overall effectiveness of EV batteries. As battery production is a costly process, this information could benefit industry players.

The IoT module developed by VTRO features unique cell-level tracking technology that can predict thermal runaways. This functionality is crucial as it can help the industry prevent future fire incidents. As the number of batteries increases on the machine learning platform, the data will give much more accurate predictions.

The upcoming phase of the rollout involves updating the IoT module to monitor the performance of electric vehicles. This will enable manufacturers to access immediate data on how durable and adaptable these vehicles are on different terrains, as well as gain insights into consumer usage patterns and potential modifications that could improve the user experience. In the final phase, VTRO will be launching the charging and swapping station hardware support, which can be customized to the manufacturer’s requirements.

According to Pranit Parekar, Co-founder & CTO of VTRO Motors, there is currently a lack of holistic market intelligence or real-time reports on the usage and performance of EVs or batteries, or intuitive trackers for consumer preferences and needs. The company aims to use its AI solutions to narrow the gap in market knowledge and improve the demand-supply chain.

The Indian market for electric vehicle (EV) batteries is currently worth $1.5 billion and is projected to grow to $8 billion within the next five years. With the help of SaaS solutions like VTRO’s, the overall EV sector can be bolstered, enabling its reach in tier 3 and 4 markets.

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