Atul Elite Plus: The co-partner in last-mile mobility

Atul Elite Plus

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Atul Auto is a well-known brand that manufactures a variety of conventional three-wheelers in the passenger and cargo segments. The company has CNG and ICE versions, but now it is offering an equally capable portfolio of full-electric three-wheelers. Atul Elite Plus is a passenger carrier e-rickshaw designed for last-mile mobility needs. 

What is Atul Elite Plus?

Atul Elite Plus is a fully electric, battery-powered auto rickshaw that lowers your operating expenses and greater earning possibilities. The vehicle serves the needs of last-mile mobility with a well-built vehicle. Therefore, it adds a lower operating option to local businesses that cater to this sector.

Hence, Atul Elite Plus is a potential e-auto to consider. Atul Auto has a proven track record of providing high-quality items as well as all necessary after-sales service. The vehicle promises an affordable, lightweight, and better built-up vehicle for all your last-mile mobility needs.

Atul Elite Plus

The three-vehicle rickshaw is powered by a 1.0 kW 48V Brushless DC motor and a Lithium-ion battery pack, which allows the vehicle to produce adequate power outputs. The battery and electric motor combo allows vehicles to reach top speeds of up to 22 kmph.

The battery and electric combo gives a decent output in the driving range of 60-70 km. The figure is reasonable if we compare its competitors like Mahindra Treo, E-Alfa mini, Kinetic Safar Smart, Piaggio Ape E City, and Lohia Comfort. 

The article will deal with an in-depth review of Atul Elite Plus, based on its specifications and price, so you can decide if this model can meet your regular last-mile mobility needs/ next entrepreneurial venture. 

Why Atul Elite Plus? 

Brakes and Suspension

The last mobility vehicle has a heavy-duty Mechanical Drum Brake Configuration for effective braking performance. It also has reduced brake component wear and maximum stoppage capability even in an emergency. 

There is a hydraulic suspension configuration in the front and leaf springs in the rear for improved load distribution, rigidity, and durability. 

Exteriors ( Cabin) 

The Atul Elite Plus is one such vehicle that answers the expanding needs of the last-mile people transporter across Indian Tier I & II cities. The vehicle exuberates a modern look and is packed with powerful aggregates and features.

Atul Elite Plus

The vehicle has attractive LED Tail Lights, a Stylish Spare Wheel Cover, Stylish Alloy Wheels, a Seamless Single Piece Windshield, a Sturdy Metal rooftop, and an FM/Music System with 

Speakers are among the features of the vehicle. There is a halogen headlamp and a steering lock for safety. 

Atul Elite Plus, The Powertrain:

The Atul Elite Plus e-auto rickshaw comes with an 850 / 1000 W power motor and a 48VDC 40A controller. The vehicle is fitted with a traditional lead-acid battery of 12V 100 AH to make it look more affordable. 

The battery helps in achieving a 60-70 km range and takes 8-10 hours of charging time. A reasonable distance and charging time for city or feeder route applications.

The vehicle can carry four passengers effortlessly, making it quite profitable. The tyre size is 90/90-12. In turn, the tyre size makes it durable, lightweight for easy pickup, and more extended range. 

Atul Elite Plus Additional Features: 

Some of the features that elevate the performance:

  • telescopic front suspension, 
  • 3 meters of turning circle diameter, 
  • the tyre can be interchanged among themselves.
  • BLDC engine for hurdle-free work.
  • Manufactured with maximum grade ability and a good turning radius.
  • It has three tyres and 699 kg of GVW, which provides superb maximum speed.
  • Atul Elite Plus comes with a Drum Brake, and its steering type is a handlebar with a gearbox. 
  • Booster Gear for Better Gradeability
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Wiper Motor
  • Dual Tone Seat Covers
  • Available in Colors – Red, Green, Blue, White
  • Launched the vehicle according to the emission norms. 
Fuel typeelectric
Type automatic
Power 1
Max speed24 kmph
pricingRs. 1-1.2 Lakh

Reception of Atul Elite Plus in the Indian Market 

As per the official statement and feedback, the electric three-wheeler range, Atul Elite Plus, is gaining popularity in India with a nationwide distribution network. 

But there is one missing feature. The vehicle lacks a reverse gear, which is sometimes very hard for the driver.

As per the official statement, the new product line is targeted at rural buyers. The partnership with Perpetuity Capital, known for supporting clean-tech mobility, has a track record of funding players in the last-mile mobility that will help in financing and infiltrating distribution networks. 

Karamveer Dhillon, CEO of Perpetuity Capital, commented, “We believe that Atul Auto has a strong product line for the Indian market. Atul has built a brand that drivers and users trust to be durable and reliable. Atul Auto and Perpetuity Cap’s interests are aligned as we both are invested in developing a sales distribution network that goes deep into rural parts of India and is highly retail-focused.

A solid retail network is what great brands are built on, along with vital after-sales service, both of which the ‘Atul’ brand is committed to building. Perpetuity Capital is going to help first-time borrowers or New to Credit customers get access to formal credit with our proprietary credit underwriting. We have built a platform that can give sanctions within 3 minutes if the borrower brings all the necessary documents to the showroom at the time of giving a down payment. Moreover, our platform allows borrowers to track their EVs financed by Perpetuity Capital and presents them with data that helps them.

We have built a platform that can give sanctions within 3 minutes if the borrower brings all the necessary documents to the showroom at the time of giving a down payment. Moreover, our platform allows borrowers to track their EVs financed by Perpetuity Capital and presents them with data that helps them better maintain and run their vehicles.”

Atul Auto’s more profound understanding of the traditional 3W market, solid manufacturing, and production helps cater to the rural market. 

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