Clearbot: Leading the Way Towards Sustainable Marine Pollution Cleanup


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Clearbot: Pioneering Autonomous Marine Cleanup Solutions

A groundbreaking achievement is on the horizon as a team of enterprising graduates from Hong Kong University unveils their latest innovation: a zero-emission AI-powered autonomous robotic service vessel. With its smart, adaptable technology, Clearbot is poised to revolutionize marine pollution cleanup efforts worldwide.

Clearbot’s Versatility: From Garbage Collection to Oil Spill Response

The multifunctional battery-powered autonomous workboat, Clearbot, is engineered to tackle a myriad of tasks with precision and efficiency. From floating garbage collection in congested inland and coastal waters to dispersing and skimming oil spills, Clearbot offers a versatile solution to environmental challenges.


Expanding Applications: Beyond Marine Pollution Cleanup

Beyond its core functionalities, Clearbot demonstrates the potential for a diverse array of applications. These include combating water hyacinth infestations, conducting bathymetric surveys, facilitating cargo deliveries, and more. The adaptable nature of Clearbot makes it a valuable asset across various industries and environmental initiatives.

Setting Sail to Success: Clearbot’s Journey from Concept to Reality

Clearbot’s journey began with a vision to make a tangible impact on marine pollution. Co-founders Sidhant Gupta and Utkarsh Goel embarked on a mission to address the pressing issue of beach pollution in Bali during their undergraduate studies at the University of Hong Kong. This vision culminated in the development of the Clearbot prototype, crafted with dedication and innovation.

Navigating Environmental Challenges: Clearbot’s Role in Near-Shore Pollution

Regions like Bali and Hong Kong face significant near-shore pollution challenges, exacerbated by inadequate waste management systems and ocean currents. Clearbot’s electric, autonomous design offers a sustainable alternative to traditional pollution cleanup methods, mitigating environmental harm while maximizing efficiency.

Harnessing Technology for Environmental Conservation

Clearbot integrates cutting-edge technologies such as AI for garbage analysis and lidar for navigation, ensuring optimal performance in marine environments. As the project gained momentum, partnerships with organizations like the Shipowners’ Club provided essential support, facilitating Clearbot’s expansion and operational capabilities.

Capable of processing up to a metric ton of waste per day, Clearbot plays a crucial role in recycling or disposing of collected refuse. Additionally, with a custom boom attachment, it effectively addresses localized oil and fuel spills by capturing up to 15 liters of pollutants daily.


However, Clearbot Neo’s capabilities extend beyond mere cleanup tasks. It also functions as a data-gathering powerhouse, utilizing a dual-camera detection system to gather vast amounts of information stored in the cloud.

One of the cameras scans the water’s surface, enabling the bot to distinguish between debris and marine life while navigating through potential obstacles and other vessels, ensuring safe and adaptable operation in river and harbor environments.

Moreover, Clearbot’s AI technology enables it to identify and document the trash it collects with precision. Each piece of debris captured by the conveyor belt is photographed by the second camera, with its image and GPS location transmitted to the company’s data compliance system, housed on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

By amalgamating this data with variables such as sea currents and tide information, environmentalists and marine authorities gain valuable insights into the origins of the waste. Additionally, water quality data integrated into the cloud further enhances the understanding of environmental conditions, facilitating informed decision-making and effective pollution management strategies.

Expanding Horizons: Clearbot’s Vision for the Future

With a growing fleet and ambitious expansion plans, Clearbot is poised to make a significant impact on global marine pollution cleanup efforts. From scaling up garbage collection capacities to exploring new opportunities for cargo deliveries, Clearbot’s modular design and innovative approach pave the way for a sustainable future.


Clearbot represents a paradigm shift in marine pollution cleanup, blending technology, innovation, and environmental stewardship. As Clearbot continues to evolve and expand its reach, it stands as a beacon of hope for a cleaner, healthier marine ecosystem. Together, we can sail towards a brighter, more sustainable future with Clearbot leading the way.

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