Discover the future of cycling with the Rover 45 E-Bike.

Rover 45

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Disruptive Technological Advancement

A groundbreaking partnership between Look Bicycles and the French company Cixi has birthed a revolutionary innovation poised to redefine the landscape of micromobility. Enter the Rover 45, an e-bike concept that embodies the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology and design ingenuity.

Unveiling the Rover 45

Last year marked the debut of the Rover 45 as a concept bike, teasing the world with its promise of unparalleled performance and functionality. Now, with plans for full-scale production in 2024, cycling enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the arrival of this game-changing marvel.

Rover 45 E-Bike

Unparalleled Features

At the core of the Rover 45’s allure lies its impressive specifications. With a top assisted speed of 45 km/h, propelled by a robust 700 Wh battery, and enhanced with front and rear Pannier MIK compatibility, this electric wonder promises an exhilarating ride like no other.

PERS Technology: Revolutionizing Pedal Power

Central to the Rover 45’s innovation is the pioneering Pedaling Energy Recovery System (PERS). This groundbreaking technology harnesses the rider’s pedaling effort, seamlessly blending resistance with propulsion to deliver a truly immersive cycling experience.

 Rover 45

By intelligently channeling energy back into the battery through regenerative braking, PERS ensures optimal efficiency and extended riding range.

Dynamic Adaptability

Unlike conventional gear systems, PERS boasts a continuously variable transmission, driven by an intelligent algorithm that adapts in real time to the rider’s pedaling dynamics. This dynamic responsiveness not only enhances performance but also caters to individual preferences, ensuring a personalized and intuitive riding experience.

Pioneering the Future of Mobility

Embodying the ethos of ‘active mobility,’ Cixi pioneers a new era of user-centric transportation solutions. Beyond the Rover 45, the company’s ambitious vision extends to the development of the Vigoz, an innovative micro-car propelled by pedal power.

Rover 45 E-Bike

With projected speeds of up to 75 miles per hour, the Vigoz represents the epitome of sustainable and engaging urban mobility.

What Sets the Rover 45 Apart

Digital Drive:

Bid farewell to traditional e-bikes with greasy chains or messy adjustments. The Rover 45 boasts a sensor-based “PERS” (Proportional Electric Rotor System) drive, translating your pedaling effort into electrical signals that power the rear wheel motor.

High-Speed Performance:

With pedal assistance, the Rover 45 accelerates to an impressive 45 km/h, earning it the classification of a Speed Pedelec in Europe. Whether for commuting or recreational rides, its swift speed promises an exhilarating journey.

Power-Packed Battery:

Equipped with a robust 700 Wh battery, the Rover 45 ensures a long-range adventure, allowing cyclists to explore further without the fear of running out of power.

Smart Integration:

Embracing the digital age, the Rover 45 comes complete with an intuitive app, granting cyclists the ability to lock/unlock the bike, track their rides, and customize power settings. Integrated lighting and turn signals further enhance safety on the road.

Sleek Aesthetics:

Adorned with a minimalist and futuristic design, characterized by clean lines and concealed cables, the Rover 45 exudes sophistication and style, captivating attention wherever it roams.

Anticipating the Arrival

While the Rover 45 remains in the development phase, Cixi and Look aim for a 2024 release. While exact pricing and availability details are forthcoming, the e-bike’s advanced technology and performance indicate it will be positioned as a premium offering in the market.

A Glimpse into the Future

As Cixi continues to push the boundaries of design and technology, it emerges as a beacon of innovation within the micro-mobility movement. With a steadfast commitment to redefining the way we navigate our urban landscapes, Cixi invites us to reimagine the future of transportation.

 Rover 45

The Rover 45 e-bike heralds a new era in cycling technology, offering cyclists an unparalleled blend of performance, innovation, and style. With its revolutionary drive system, long-lasting battery, and seamless integration of smart features, it stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of micromobility. Whether you’re a seasoned commuter, a weekend explorer, or simply an aficionado of cutting-edge technology, the Rover 45 promises an extraordinary ride worth waiting for. Keep your eyes peeled for its imminent arrival and prepare to embark on a journey into the future of cycling.

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