E-Luna Electric Moped Sparks a Transformation

E-Luna Electric Moped

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Innovating Mobility Solutions: The Resurgence of E-Luna Electric Moped

In the realm of urban mobility, there’s a silent revolution underway, and it’s spearheaded by an iconic name: Luna. But this time, it’s not the clunky moped of yesteryears, it’s the sleek, electric reincarnation poised to redefine affordable two-wheelers.

Unveiling E-Luna: A Nostalgic Icon Goes Electric

Once a symbol of the pre-liberalization era, the Luna moped captured hearts with its simplicity and utility. Fast forward to 2024, and Luna returns, shedding its pedals for an electric drive. Since its debut in February, the E-Luna has stormed the market, boasting sales figures surpassing 5,000 units.

E-Luna Electric Moped

A Legacy Reimagined: From Kinetic Group to Kinetic Green

Originally introduced by the Kinetic Group in 1972, the Luna moped mirrored India’s transition from bicycles to motorized transportation. However, technological advancements left Luna behind, leading to its discontinuation in 2000. Yet, the nostalgia persisted, laying the foundation for its triumphant return.

E-Luna’s Market Penetration and Competitive Pricing

Priced competitively between Rs 69,990 and Rs 74,990, the E-Luna emerges as a frontrunner in the affordable electric two-wheeler segment. In a market dominated by scooters, Luna aims to carve its niche with its distinctive features and budget-friendly strategy.

Futuristic Vision: Kinetic’s Pursuit of Excellence

Powered by Kinetic Green, a subsidiary of the Firodia Group, the E-Luna isn’t just a product; it’s a testament to innovation. Kinetic Engineering is committed to transforming India’s mobility landscape with a target of selling 100,000 units in the upcoming fiscal year.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective: The E-Luna Advantage

Championing sustainability, the E-Luna offers substantial savings with its minimal charging cost of 10 paise per kilometer. Beyond economic benefits, its robust build and ergonomic design make it suitable for urban and rural environments.

Pioneering Technological Solutions: Kinetic Watts & Volts

In addition to the E-Luna, Kinetic Group’s dedication to electric mobility is evident through Kinetic Watts & Volts. This subsidiary focuses on cutting-edge solutions, providing essential components like motors, controllers, and batteries, driving India towards an electric future.

E-Luna Electric Moped

Anticipating Growth: Kinetic’s Financial Projections

With an investment of up to Rs 50 crore in Kinetic Watts & Volts, Kinetic Engineering foresees a substantial surge in turnover, aiming to cross the Rs 500 crore mark. Bolstered by a doubling of net profits in the current fiscal year, Kinetic Group is poised for exponential growth.

In conclusion, the resurgence of the E-Luna electric moped symbolizes more than just a revival; it signifies a paradigm shift in India’s mobility narrative. With innovation at its core and sustainability as its guiding principle, the E-Luna paves the way for a greener, more accessible future.

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