Segway Unveils Game-Changing Electric Two-Wheelers at CES 2024


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The last day of CES 2024 witnessed Segway’s impressive showcase of cutting-edge electric two-wheelers, with the Segway Xyber electric scrambler and the Xafari step-through trekking commuter e-bike stealing the spotlight.

Segway Xyber – The Silent Beast

The Segway Xyber, unveiled at CES 2024, emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of electric scramblers. This Sur-Ron-inspired e-bike showcases a distinctive design, seamlessly blending the aggressive styling reminiscent of a motorcycle with the lightweight aesthetics of popular urban electric bikes like the Super73.

With its chunky off-road tires and robust build, the Xyber is engineered for adventure, and capable of tackling diverse terrains. The bike features 120mm of suspension travel using front forks and a rear mono shock, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride even in challenging conditions.

Segway Xyber

Despite its motorbike appearance, the Xyber surprises with the inclusion of pedals, emphasizing its compliance with the legal definition of electric bicycles in the US. The partially exposed frame design, angular metal/plastic covering the front seat, and a bash guard protecting the battery contribute to its unique and rugged charm. With a claimed torque of 175Nm, the Xyber promises not just a visually striking experience but a powerful and thrilling ride, setting a new standard in the world of off-road electric biking.

Segway Xafari – Practical Innovation

In contrast, the Segway Xafari takes a more practical approach as a dual-suspension, step-through e-bike. Sporting 26-inch tires for enhanced comfort and safety, the Xafari combines practicality with versatility.

Segway Xafari

The dual suspension setup of 80mm at the front and 70mm at the rear ensures a smooth ride. Featuring a thick frame, a 913Wh battery, and a powerful 750W, 80Nm hub motor, the Xafari promises performance that surpasses the average e-bike in the US. Additional features like a sizable luggage rack and a kickstand enhance its practicality for daily commuting needs.

Smart Features for Modern Riders

Both the Segway Xyber and Xafari come equipped with a range of smart features. A dial to increase motor output, auto-activating headlights, and a smart cockpit displaying ride and battery information ensure a seamless riding experience. These electric two-wheelers also incorporate advanced safety features such as GPS tracking and Apple Find My tracking, adding an extra layer of security for riders.

Anticipated Pricing and Availability

While the specifics of pricing and availability are yet to be revealed by Segway, the anticipation surrounding these electric two-wheelers is high. Riders eagerly await the opportunity to experience the innovative design and features promised by the Xyber and Xafari.


Segway’s presence at CES 2024 marks a significant stride in the electric mobility landscape. The Xyber and Xafari not only showcase the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design but also offer diverse options catering to adventure enthusiasts and practical commuters alike. As Segway prepares to unveil the full pricing details, the electric two-wheeler market eagerly awaits these game-changing releases, anticipating a new era in sustainable and thrilling transportation.

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