Tata Motors Accelerates Bengaluru’s Public Transport with Advanced Electric Buses

Starbus EV

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Tata Motors, India’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, has marked a significant milestone in Bengaluru’s transition to electric public transport. The company has delivered state-of-the-art Starbus EVs to the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) as part of a larger agreement with TML Smart City Mobility Solutions Ltd. This agreement involves the supply, operation, and maintenance of 921 cutting-edge 12-meter low-floor electric buses over 12 years.

Starbus EV

Technological Advancements and Indigenous Innovation

The Tata Starbus EV, an indigenous innovation, has become a part of BMTC’s fleet, showcasing superior design and best-in-class features. Aligned with the Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives, these electric buses are developed on next-gen architecture, powered by advanced battery systems. This move not only promotes sustainable and comfortable commuting in Bengaluru but also signifies a commitment to reducing carbon footprint and embracing eco-friendly transportation.

Tata Starbus Hybrid Electric Bus | Best Electric Bus in India

Inauguration and Dignitary Presence

The smart electric bus from Tata Motors was inaugurated in the presence of distinguished guests, including the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri Siddaramaiah, and the Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri DK Shivakumar. Other notable figures, such as Shri Ramalingareddy, Hon’ble Minister for Transport & Mujarai, and Shri Rizwan Arshad, Hon’ble MLA, were also part of the event. The collective effort reflects a collaborative commitment to advancing public transport in the region.

Inauguration of the Starbus EV

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Transportation and Comfort

Ms. G Sathyavathi, IAS, Managing Director of BMTC, expressed her delight at the induction of Tata Motors’ state-of-the-art buses. She emphasized the buses’ remarkable performance, aligning with BMTC’s commitment to reducing carbon footprint and enhancing the quality of life for citizens. These electric buses not only contribute to eco-friendly transportation but also provide noise-free and comfortable mass mobility within the city.

Starbus EV

CEO’s Confidence in Cutting-Edge Offerings

Mr. Asim Kumar Mukhopadhyay, CEO and MD of TML Smart City Mobility Solutions Limited, shared his thoughts at the event, expressing elation at witnessing the top-of-the-line Starbus EVs being integrated into BMTC’s fleet. He reiterated the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge, eco-friendly solutions, expressing confidence that these buses would enhance BMTC’s fleet, ensuring safe, comfortable, tech-driven, and energy-efficient public transportation.

Impressive Track Record and Features of Tata Starbus EV

Tata Motors boasts a commendable track record, having supplied over 1,500 electric buses across multiple Indian cities, covering more than 10 crore kilometers with an uptime exceeding 95%. The Tata Starbus EV stands out as a cutting-edge electric bus, setting new benchmarks for urban city commuting. With a full-electric drivetrain, the vehicle optimizes energy consumption, resulting in low operational costs. Features such as electronic stability control, electronic brake distribution, air suspension, Intelligent Transport System, and a panic button prioritize comfort and safety for commuters.

In conclusion, Tata Motors’ delivery of technologically advanced electric buses to BMTC represents a significant stride towards sustainable and eco-friendly public transportation in Bengaluru. With a focus on cutting-edge innovation, indigenous manufacturing, and a commitment to reducing carbon footprint, these buses are poised to contribute to a cleaner and more comfortable urban commuting experience. The integration of the Tata Starbus EV into BMTC’s fleet signifies a positive step forward in the journey towards a greener and technologically advanced public transport system.

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