The Era of Carbon Dominance: A Deep Dive into the Carbon Majors Report

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In a revealing disclosure, researchers have identified a select group of 57 entities primarily responsible for the surge in planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions since 2016. Delving into the Carbon Majors report by non-profit think tank InfluenceMap, the magnitude of their impact becomes starkly apparent.

The Reign of Emissions: 2016-2022

During the period spanning from 2016 to 2022, these 57 entities, encompassing nation-states, state-owned enterprises, and investor-owned corporations, emerged as the harbinger of 80% of global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and cement production. The report’s findings shed light on the undeniable influence these entities wielded on our planet’s carbon footprint.

Unveiling the Titans of Emissions

Leading the charge in CO2 emissions during this timeframe were state-owned behemoths such as Saudi Aramco, Russia’s Gazprom, and Coal India. With its colossal stature in the oil industry, Gazprom’s expansive energy endeavors, and Coal India’s prominent role in the coal sector, Saudi Aramco collectively propelled emissions to unprecedented levels.

The Ongoing Saga of Expansion

Despite the global commitment outlined in the U.N. Paris Agreement of 2015 to mitigate climate change, the report unearthed a disconcerting trend. Contrary to the spirit of the agreement, many of these entities not only perpetuated but also augmented their fossil fuel production, contributing to the escalating emissions trajectory.

The Escalating Emissions Crisis

While commendable efforts have been made by governments and corporations to establish stringent emission targets and foster renewable energy expansion, the insatiable appetite for fossil fuels continues to drive emissions upwards. Last year, global energy-related CO2 emissions reached an unprecedented zenith, marking a distressing milestone in our battle against climate change.

Advocating for Transparency and Accountability

InfluenceMap’s findings underscore the imperative of transparency in identifying the primary contributors to ongoing CO2 emissions. By elucidating the pivotal role played by specific governments and corporations, the report aims to empower various stakeholders, be it legal entities seeking accountability, academics conducting quantitative analyses, advocacy groups, or discerning investors.

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