UltraTech Cement Drives Sustainable Transport with Electric Trucks

Ultratech's green mobility

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Introduction to UltraTech’s Green Mobility Initiative

UltraTech Cement Limited, India’s leading cement and Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) company, is at the forefront of sustainable operations. The company’s commitment to environmental responsibility is exemplified by the recent introduction of five electric trucks for clinker transportation. This move aligns with UltraTech’s overarching goal of reducing its carbon footprint and promoting green mobility across its operations.

Charging Infrastructure for Electric Trucks

To ensure the seamless operation of the electric trucks, UltraTech has strategically implemented three charging stations. These stations are strategically located at both manufacturing units – Dhar Cement Works in Madhya Pradesh and Dhule Cement Works in Maharashtra – as well as along the transport route. This infrastructure investment is critical to the reliability and success of the electric truck initiative.

charging stations

Environmental Impact of Electric Trucks

The adoption of electric trucks represents a substantial reduction in transport emissions. By transitioning from conventional fossil-fuel-based trucks to electric alternatives, UltraTech anticipates an annual decrease of approximately 680 metric tons of CO2 emissions. This shift underscores UltraTech’s commitment to mitigating the environmental impact of its logistics operations.

Statement from Managing Director, Mr. K C Jhanwar

Mr. K C Jhanwar, Managing Director of UltraTech Cement Limited, expresses his enthusiasm for the successful pilot of electric trucks. Emphasizing the company’s dedication to sustainability, he underscores the significance of this step in achieving ‘green mobility.’ His statement reflects UltraTech’s leadership in adopting innovative solutions for a more environmentally friendly cement manufacturing process.

UltraTech’s Pledge and Contribution to eFAST Initiative

UltraTech has made a firm commitment to the Government of India’s eFAST initiative. The company pledges to deploy 500 electric trucks and add 1000 CNG/LNG vehicles to its operations by June 2025. This ambitious initiative demonstrates UltraTech’s proactive role in advancing the national agenda for sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.

Evolution of ‘Green Logistics’ at UltraTech

UltraTech has been a pioneer in embracing ‘Green Logistics.‘ The introduction of CNG vehicles in 2021 and LNG vehicles in 2022 positioned the company as an early adopter of environmentally friendly transport solutions. With over 390 CNG trucks and 50 LNG trucks currently operational across 17 manufacturing units, UltraTech is setting new benchmarks for sustainability in the cement industry.

Driving Sustainable Transport

In conclusion, UltraTech Cement Limited’s introduction of electric trucks and its holistic approach to green mobility signifies a paradigm shift in the cement industry. The company’s commitment to reducing emissions, investing in charging infrastructure, and actively participating in national sustainability initiatives positions UltraTech as a leader in driving sustainable transport. As the company continues to evolve its ‘Green Logistics’ strategy, it not only meets its environmental responsibilities but also sets an inspiring example for the broader industrial sector.

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