User-Friendly & Easy on the Wallet: Is the Aventose S110 the EV for You?

Aventose S110

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Chennai-based startup Aventose Energy unveiled a video of Aventose S110 Electric Scooter. The product is for the masses who use 100-125cc petrol two-wheelers in domestic markets across India. The above segment makes up nearly 85 percent of the two-wheeler domestic market. Further, the company has designed to sell 1.5 million units annually by 2026 for mass adoption. The product needs to hold a specific economic range to crack this market without compromising on the solid build. 

So, What sets Aventose S110 apart?

You want a list. We have it. The model offers tubeless tires, Anti-Motor Locking, and disc brakes at both front and Rear, which provide excellent stopping power. The CBS Disc brakes and a top speed of 60 mph contribute to its confident handling for city commutes and weekend trips. The 17-inch alloy wheel tires offer a comfortable ride on all types of roads and are an appealing choice for riders.

Aventose S110

That is not all; the model has Hydraulic suspension to reduce shock transfer to the rider with Twin rear suspension and a Front fork suspension. The long shock absorber ensures a smooth ride even on bumpy terrain. 

The Aventose S110 offers everything right, from performance to efficiency. All this at an ex-showroom price of Rs.85000. 

The EV scooter is IP65-rated, VCU, and HMI to protect it from rain and dust. The ride is available in two colors: Blue and Silver. The stylish EV offers a range of 100 kilometers per charge and is said to come with a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour. But alone, these features don’t set them apart. What sets it apart is battery capacity and power within that price range. Let’s hear more of it in subsequent sections. 

Aventose S110 Battery Capacity and type

The EV model has a power of 2 kWh and is a portable/swappable battery. It needs 2.5 hours to charge from 0-80% and fully charge within 4 hours. A fully charged vehicle gives a 100 km range. 

S110 Motor Power and Warranty

The new electric scooter model boasts a PMSM Electric Motor and a peak power of 3000W. The warranty on the motor and the battery is for three years. Additionally, the S110 has an IP67-certified motor, controller, and battery. Therefore, handling waterlogged roads and rough terrains is a smooth ride and a best buy for Indian roads. 

Aventose S110

The above description sums up the technical features. But there is more to it, which makes the ride convenient and user-friendly. The vehicle comes in trendy designs with an intelligent dashboard that provides all the necessary information such as speed, battery charge, and trip distance. There is also an adjustable ergonomic handle and phone holder with a USB charger. Therefore, it is easy to handle and navigate. 

Another unique feather ( feature) to the hat is its GPS and GEO fencing track. It allows you to track the scooter’s location and set geographic boundaries. But the real challenge is range anxiety. The more efficient vehicle will give more range and longer battery life. Hence, Aventose Energy can be charged safely anywhere with its portable batteries, swapped at swapping stations, or set at portable chargers. 

Some More Features

Abnormal Temperature Detection & Safe ModeAutomatically detects potential overheating and switches to safe mode to prevent component damage.Increased safety and longevity of the vehicle.
Low Seat HeightEasy access for people of all genders and ages, including children and older adults.Improved accessibility and inclusivity.
Fall Detection & Drive Train ShutoffSenses rider falls and immediately stops the motor, preventing injuries.Enhanced safety for riders, especially vulnerable groups.
Wide Seat with Extra CushionProvides generous and comfortable seating for all riders.Increased comfort and support.
Ample Leg SpaceAccommodates riders of different heights comfortably, particularly tall individuals.Improved comfort and ease of movement.
Compound Gear SystemOffers efficient power transmission and smooth acceleration.Enhanced performance and riding experience.
Regenerative BrakingConverts braking energy back into battery power, improving range and efficiency.Increased range and sustainability.
Combi Braking SystemCombines front and rear brakes for balanced and effective stopping power.Enhanced safety and control during braking.
Under-seat Battery StorageProtects the battery from damage and keeps it out of sight.Improved aesthetics and functionality.
Remote Lock/UnlockConveniently lock and unlock the vehicle using a remote control.Added security and ease of use.

Road Ahead for Aventose S110

The new vehicle is trying to break the myths regarding EVs. With an at-par quality with 100cc scooters, Aventose Energy wants to boost EV adoption. They want to fill the market gaps by demanding generation to supply fulfillment and overall customer satisfaction. Hence, the company is in talks with insurance and financing companies in India to provide a one-stop solution to customers.

To support the ‘Make in India’ program, maiden products S110 and S110-ER are manufactured in India. Thus, it fulfills localization policy with its latest AIS 156 phase 2 battery standards. The new S110 variants are rugged and durable yet 20% more efficient due to the ingenious mechanical design. 

The features give a perfect example of perfect EV adoption in tier 1, 2, and tier 3 cities. However, Aventose Energy wants to scale at unchartered territories, AKA international markets. 

“The products were designed keeping Indian, APAC, and African markets in mind. Hence rigorous testing and improving the supply chain to meet all the Indian safety and localization standards.” Vilas Tank, CEO of Aventose Energy added during the video launch of the vehicle.  

They are also looking to set up a market in major cities in India, including Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Pune. The market report of these five cities will help in stage 1 expansion plans. 

The Aventose S110 also comes with a removable charging unit and rear seat, thus making it easy to charge and customize. Overall, the Aventose S110 is an excellent choice in electric scooters for anyone looking for a blend of speed, comfort, and convenience. The vehicle promises to be versatile with a rugged, unisex, and multi-utility offering that makes it ideal for riders regardless of gender, age, and usage. Hence, it is the perfect product to launch in international markets in Europe, APAC, and African regions.

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