Blazing a New Trail: Solar Three-Wheelers from Kerala Startup 


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In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable transportation, Sugrah has emerged as a game-changer with its innovative solar three-wheelers. These pedal-assisted electric vehicles (EVs) are equipped with onboard solar panels, making them an eco-friendly solution for last-mile connectivity. Sugrah Mobility, a startup founded by Jacob Thekkekara, an alumnus of IIT Madras, stands at the forefront of this movement, introducing a solar electric pedal-assisted three-wheeler that could revolutionize sustainable transportation.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Sugrah’s Solar Technology:

The standout feature of Sugrah’s tricycles lies in their ability to harness solar power through onboard panels. This not only positions them as sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives but also introduces a unique selling proposition in the competitive EV market. Pedal assistance adds an extra layer of efficiency, making these vehicles a green choice for short-distance transportation.

The startup envisions making sustainable mobility and the green transition accessible to economically disadvantaged groups, including street vendors and garbage collectors, who face budget constraints for high-expense vehicles.

Solar-Powered Innovation:

Sugrah’s flagship product, the solar electric pedal-assisted three-wheeler, addresses the challenges associated with traditional internal combustion engines and electric vehicles. Recognizing the hurdles in charging infrastructure and electricity sourcing for electric vehicles, Sugrah opts for solar-powered vehicles as a potential solution, paving the way for a future powered by 100% renewable energy in mobility.


The prototypes of Sugrah’s vehicles have showcased significant success, covering over 1,500 kilometers solely on solar power. The mechanism involves a battery pack onto which solar energy is stored, ensuring continuous operation even in the absence of solar power.

India’s Tricycle with Unmatched Features

Versatility in Variants:

Sugrah’s tricycles are available in three distinct variants, each tailored to meet diverse preferences and requirements:

  1. Solar-Powered Variant (SZ): The flagship model is equipped with onboard solar panels, blending sustainability with cutting-edge technology.
  2. Electric Variant (EZ): An electric-powered model that needs to be charged from the grid, providing a range of 40-50 km per charge for efficient urban commuting.
  3. Manual Variant (MZ): A manual tricycle that combines traditional pedaling with Sugrah’s commitment to reliability, catering to those who prefer a more hands-on approach.
VariantPower SourceRangeDescription
Solar-Powered Variant (SZ)Onboard solar panelsUp to 100-105 km per dayFlagship model, blends sustainability with technology.
Electric Variant (EZ)Grid charging40-50 km per chargeIdeal for efficient urban commuting, needs grid charging.
Manual Variant (MZ)Pedal powerVaries depending on rider effortCombines traditional pedaling with reliability, hands-on approach.

This diverse lineup ensures that Sugrah’s tricycles cater to a wide range of users, offering options that align with individual preferences and needs.

Sugrah SZ: Solar powered Electric tricycle

Designed with a forward-thinking approach, this variant harnesses the power of the sun through onboard solar panels, eliminating the need for conventional charging infrastructure.

Sugrah EZ & MZ

In addition to the solar-powered marvel, Sugrah offers the EZ and MZ tricycles, representing the epitome of electric and manual tricycle excellence in India.

Sugrah EZ (Electric Variant):

Sugrah EZ is hailed as one of India’s best electric tricycles, providing a seamless blend of efficiency and modern technology. With a range of 40-50 km per charge, it addresses the challenges of urban commuting while contributing to a cleaner, greener environment. Sugrah EZ stands as a testament to Sugrah’s commitment to advancing electric mobility in India.


Sugrah MZ (Manual Variant):

Sugrah MZ takes a traditional approach, offering a manual tricycle that combines reliability with the simplicity of traditional pedaling. Ideal for those who prefer manual control and a more hands-on riding experience, Sugrah MZ showcases the brand’s dedication to providing versatile and inclusive transportation solutions.


Exceptional Load Capacity and Climbing Abilities:

This tricycle, distinctively designed for cargo transportation, stands out with its capability to carry loads of up to 300 kg. The inclusion of three-speed gears makes pedaling light and efficient, enabling the tricycle to climb inclined roads effortlessly.

Advanced Safety Features:

Equipped with all-wheel drum brakes, a parking brake, and twin chain tensioners, Sugrah’s tricycle prioritizes safety. The braking system ensures the vehicle stops within the shortest distance, and the parking brake adds stability on various surfaces. Twin chain tensioners prevent frequent chain derailment and loss of traction, reducing maintenance hassles.

Distinctive Features: Enhancing Rider Comfort and Vehicle Performance

Height Adjustable Roof:

Setting the cargo tricycle apart, it features a height-adjustable roof, protecting the rider from extreme weather conditions. This adaptability enhances comfort and convenience, showcasing Sugrah’s commitment to rider well-being.

Ergonomic Seating:

Prioritizing rider comfort with ergonomic seating, the tricycle provides fatigue-free rides for extended durations. This feature underscores Sugrah’s dedication to user satisfaction and ensures a pleasant riding experience.

Sturdy Chassis and Fork:

Built with a sturdy chassis and fork, the cargo tricycle performs optimally without the risk of breakdowns. The robust construction ensures durability and reliability, making it a dependable choice for cargo transportation.

Strategic Collaborations and Future Endeavors:

Sugrah is currently in advanced discussions with Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Limited (Kamco) to provide the base vehicle for a customized cart. The startup is exploring collaborations that align with its vision of green mobility solutions, aiming to contribute to initiatives promoting sustainability and direct farmer-market interactions.

Global Aspirations:

With grants from the Union government and the Kerala Startup Mission, Sugrah aspires to become a global company in the realm of green mobility solutions. The founders foresee a booming market in Southeast Asia and Africa, envisioning Sugrah’s impact on a global scale.

Paving the Way for Sustainable Transportation

In conclusion, Sugrah Mobility stands at the forefront of sustainable transportation innovation, leveraging solar power to drive positive change. As the world converges to address environmental challenges, Sugrah’s solar electric pedal-assisted three-wheeler emerges as a beacon of hope, offering transformative and accessible solutions. With a commitment to affordability, versatility, and environmental consciousness, Sugrah paves the way for a sustainable and green future in mobility. As the company continues to grow, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we perceive and implement last-mile delivery and transportation, especially in regions that prioritize environmental consciousness, like Kerala.

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