BluSmart and Citroën Collaborate to Expand Electric Mobility Fleet

BluSmart and Citroën

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BluSmart, a prominent player in the electric mobility sector, has joined hands with Citroën, the renowned French automaker, to bolster its fleet with 4,000 electric vehicles (EVs). This collaboration aims to further BluSmart’s mission of promoting sustainable transportation solutions in India.

Partnership Announcement

In a significant move, BluSmart inaugurated the partnership by launching 125 Citroën ë-C3 electric SUVs from its EV charging superhub in Bengaluru. These vehicles, boasting a range of 320 km and rapid-charging capabilities, are set to enhance BluSmart’s existing fleet of over 7,000 EVs.

Shared Vision for Sustainability

Shishir Mishra, the brand director of Citroën India, emphasized the joint commitment of Citroën and BluSmart towards building a cleaner and greener transportation ecosystem. He highlighted the ë-C3’s design, range, and fast-charging technology as key factors contributing to its appeal to both passengers and fleet operators.

BluSmart’s Mission and Vision

Anmol Jaggi, co-founder and CEO of BluSmart, echoed Mishra’s sentiments, emphasizing the alignment of values between the two companies. He underscored BluSmart’s dedication to achieving net-zero mobility and providing premium, reliable, and safe ride experiences to customers.

Financial Facilitation through Assure by BluSmart

The onboarding of the Citroën ë-C3 EVs was made possible through Assure by BluSmart, a unique financing opportunity for retail and institutional investors. This initiative allows institutions to finance the purchase of EVs and lease them to BluSmart against fixed rentals, thereby facilitating the transition to electric mobility.

BluSmart’s Integrated Approach

BluSmart is not just a ride-hailing service; it is building an integrated energy-infrastructure-mobility business. With its indigenous born-electric technology stack, BluSmart has already completed over 12.5 million all-electric trips, covering 410 million clean kilometers and saving 30 million kilograms of CO2 since its inception. Moreover, BluSmart owns and operates 4,400 EV chargers across 36 EV charging superhubs in Delhi NCR and Bangalore.

Transition to Green Power

In a recent development, BluSmart entered into a multi-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Tata Power Trading Company Ltd (TPTCL) to source green power. This strategic collaboration makes BluSmart the first mobility player in India to transition from zero tailpipe emissions to a 100 percent emission-free company, underscoring its commitment to decarbonizing mobility at scale.


The partnership between BluSmart and Citroën marks a significant milestone in the advancement of electric mobility in India. By combining Citroën’s cutting-edge electric vehicles with BluSmart’s innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, the collaboration promises to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner and greener future for transportation in the country.

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