China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Shares Surge Amid Stake Sale Announcement

Evergrande New Energy Vehicle

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China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Shares Surge Amid Stake Sale Announcement

Shares of China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group (NEV) more than doubled on Monday after the company revealed that liquidators had reached an agreement to sell a significant stake in the electric vehicle (EV) maker on behalf of key shareholders. This development brought renewed attention to the troubled developer’s EV unit, sparking a remarkable rally in its stock price.

Evergrande’s EV Unit Sees Unprecedented Stock Surge

China Evergrande’s EV unit witnessed a dramatic increase in its stock value, surging by as much as 113% to HK$0.81, the highest since September 22. This made it the top performer on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with shares ultimately settling at a 79% gain following the trading halt on May 17. This surge reflects growing investor optimism following the announcement of a potential stake sale.

Details of the Stake Sale Agreement

The non-binding agreement, facilitated by liquidators for China Evergrande Group, Evergrande Health Industry, and Acelin Global, outlines the sale of a 29% stake in the EV unit to a third-party buyer. Additionally, the buyer has an option to acquire an additional 29.5% stake. Combined, these shareholders control 58.5% of the financially strained EV unit, which had halted production at its Tianjin factory at the beginning of 2024.

Financial Lifeline for the EV Unit

The term sheet for the agreement also includes provisions for the potential purchaser to provide a line of credit. This credit line is crucial for funding the EV unit’s operations and business development, offering a much-needed financial lifeline to sustain and grow the company.

Debt Repayment Demands Add Pressure

Amid the positive news of the potential stake sale, the EV unit faces significant financial challenges. Last week, China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle received a demand from local administrative bodies for the repayment of 1.9 billion yuan (approximately $262 million) in subsidies and incentives. This repayment demand adds pressure to the already financially beleaguered company.

Background: Evergrande’s Financial Struggles

China Evergrande, the world’s most indebted property developer, has been in financial turmoil for years. Earlier this year, the company was ordered to be liquidated after failing to present a concrete restructuring plan, more than two years after defaulting on its offshore debt. This liquidation order underscores the severity of Evergrande’s financial crisis and its broader impact on its subsidiaries, including the NEV unit.

Future Prospects for China Evergrande NEV

The announcement of the stake sale agreement offers a glimmer of hope for China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group. The significant stock price surge reflects investor optimism about the potential financial stabilization and future growth of the EV unit. However, the company still faces substantial financial challenges, including the repayment of substantial debts and subsidies. The success of the stake sale and the subsequent provision of credit will be critical in determining the future trajectory of China Evergrande’s EV ambitions. Investors and stakeholders will be closely monitoring how these developments unfold in the coming months.

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