Hero Splendor Electric Bike Captured During Testing in Pune

Hero Splendor Prototype

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Electrifying the Indian Two-Wheeler Market

The electric mobility wave is sweeping across India, exceeding all initial expectations. This surge is notably driven by India’s position as the global leader in the two-wheeler market, offering a fertile ground for diverse approaches to electric vehicle (EV) adoption. Leading the charge in the two-wheeler EV sector is GoGoA1, renowned for its unique strategy of electrifying existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, setting it apart from the conventional push for entirely new EVs.

GoGoA1’s Distinctive Approach

In the dynamic realm of two-wheeler EVs, GoGoA1 stands out with its innovative methodology. Rather than flooding the market with new electric vehicles, the company concentrates on the electrification of traditional ICE vehicles. This approach is gaining significant attention, especially with the recent sighting of an electric Hero Splendor prototype undergoing tests in Pune, potentially influenced by GoGoA1’s revolutionary electric conversion kit.

Unveiling the Hero Splendor Prototype

The electric Hero Splendor prototype, recently spotted in Pune, is creating a substantial buzz. Cloaked in red temporary number plates and comprehensive camouflage, the motorcycle unmistakably signals a transition from conventional internal combustion engines to electric power. Noteworthy features, such as the familiar “Splendor” seat cover and rear grab rail design, suggest that it might be a repurposed older unit utilized for testing purposes.

Hero Splendor Prototype

Possibility of ARAI Testing

Given the prototype’s appearance in Pune, speculation arises that the Hero Splendor electric model is undergoing mandatory range tests by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and other regulatory bodies. This aligns with the potential involvement of GoGoA1, a trailblazer in electric conversion kits, in the development of this prototype.

Exploring GoGoA1’s Product Lineup

A closer look at GoGoA1’s existing product lineup reveals an extensive range of pre-engineered electric conversion kits tailored for various Hero MotoCorp and Honda two-wheeler models. While the company already provides conversion kits for Splendor motorcycles, there are indications of a new kit undergoing testing. This iteration might incorporate a slightly larger battery, suggesting improved range capabilities.

Enhancements in the Electric Conversion Kit

GoGoA1’s current electric conversion kit for Splendor boasts a rear hub motor with a peak power of 3.94 kW (5.28 bhp) and a continuous power output of 2 kW (2.7 bhp). The observed prototype hints at the possibility of a more potent motor in the works, surpassing the capabilities of the current kit. Additionally, a newly type-approved kit featuring a distinctive white hub motor raises curiosity about potential enhancements, such as a sleeker design in the production-spec kit.

Price Considerations

Presently, GoGoA1 offers its ARAI-approved and patented motorcycle conversion kit for Splendor at Rs. 29,000, excluding the donor motorcycle. However, with the introduction of a new and approved electric conversion kit catering to 45 different vehicles, including those from Hero MotoCorp and Honda, questions arise about potential adjustments in pricing. Only time will unravel the answer to this intriguing query.

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