Is it better than Piaggio Ape E city, at least better than Treo? Let’s find out in the Mahindra E-Alfa Mini review.

Mahindra E-Alfa Mini

Mahindra is a future-facing industry veteran who promises to co-create a positive world by offering affordable solutions to futuristic problems. We are presenting one sustainable electric three-wheeler passenger carrier, Mahindra E-Alfa Mini, from Mahindra Last Mobile Mobility Limited. The vehicle is designed to 

  • reduce emissions,
  • lower operating costs 
  • provide an efficient and convenient mode of transport.

Nothing new under the sun, eh? What is the Mahindra E-Alfa Mini USP?

At an annual auto industry conference, Mr Nitin Gadkari prodded automakers to produce sustainable vehicles that run on alternative fuels like electricity, biodiesel, ethanol, and compressed natural gas. Mahindra E-Alfa mini is designed according to the above brief. It is a three-wheeler battery-operated auto that carries people in a 1+4 arrangement and heavy goods from point A to point B. It is a last-mile connectivity between rural and city landscapes. But doesn’t Ape e city, Treo offer the same things? 

Yes, but the Mahindra E-Alfa Mini comes at a price that has never been heard before. 

The price range varies from Rs. 1.45 Lakh to Rs. 1.47 Lakh. It is an ex-showroom price and can vary from state to state because of variable tax. Invariably, more taxes mean higher prices. Apart from this, it has many features and is a trusted ally in building business and increasing profits. It is a perfect combination of profitability and productivity. It is understandable why it is the star product in the 3-wheeler EV segment. But let’s know more about it, starting from the engine. 

  1. Mahindra E-Alfa Mini- The Powertrain

The powerhouse contributes to sustainable urban mobility solutions with a 48 KWH battery capacity. At the same time, it gives a range of 90 KM per charge. It has a 1000W Brushless DC Motor with a maximum power output of 1.56 kW. The vehicle provides a top speed of 25 km/h and offers a direct transmission through a differential for effortless driving. MLM is offering a one-year warranty on the product. 

2. Mahindra E-Alfa Mini Aggregates and Comfort

The model has a robust design with sturdy tubular chassis, aiming for the vehicle’s longevity. It also offers a full canopy for sun and rainfall protection. Apart from this, there is extra space for legroom and headroom for comfort. The seats are comfortable, and the driver has a spacious cabin. There is also a Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorber at the front and leaf spring suspension at the rear. It also has drum brakes, which help rest during the rainy season. There is a powerful mechanical brake, which is for enhanced safety. 

Hence, less noise, vibration, and harshness. All the features are kept in mind to make an excellent product quality. Mahindra E Alfa offers a spacious, stress-free ride with better facility wheels. After buying, the consumer can avail of up to 6 free services. 

Well, what about style? 

The brand-new auto comes in 5 colors with a stylish dashboard and digital cluster. There are powerful dual Halogen headlamps to give this vehicle an attractive look. There is an aerodynamic design that helps to achieve faster mobility. 

3. Safety Guarantee

We mentioned that the Mahindra E-Alfa Mini Auto Rickshaw has a powerful braking system. It is there to control your journey in safe mode. The wheelbase is bigger and helps in maintaining balance. 

One thing that sets more safety and protection is a solid and robust body with a closure structure. The EV auto rickshaw has the following dimensions: 2768 MM in overall length, 995 MM in overall width, and 1794 MM in overall height. 

4. Excellent Performance

The EV is operated by a 120Ah battery. The model generates 3.2 NM torque with riding passengers with better pickup capacity. The vehicle has a total of 758 KG. The weight and shock are absorbed through the differential by a telescopic hydraulic shock absorber. 

This vehicle has a maximum speed of 25 KMPH. The speed limit is kept moderate because it wants to keep the passenger’s safety and precautions in mind. 

5. Mahindra E-Alfa Mini Auto Rickshaw Maintenance Price in India

The Mahindra E Alfa Mini range has a 90 km/charge and a battery capacity of 48 V, 120H. In contrast, the maintenance cost of this vehicle is less than Rs. 4 paise per KM. It is designed to help every small business owner in transporting consumer stuff. Hence, the price, building, and safety measures. 

Mahindra E-Alfa Mini Review- Final Verdict

The Mahindra E-Alfa Mini is apt for short-distance applications in city mobility. The vehicle is efficient in carrying out small tasks. Hence, it is a good car for small business owners and MSMEs and does a great job supplying stuff like fruits, vegetables, water bottles, beverages, etc. But before buying, read this review and comments from other users who have used Mahindra E-Alfa Mini before purchasing this rickshaw.

Reviews of Customer

“A three-wheel Mahindra E-Alfa mini with great strength and mileage. The Alfa offers a higher payload and is a competent vehicle. Cargo vehicles that are sturdy, dependable, and ideal for all types of logistics activities. a multipurpose vehicle with a roomy, feature-rich interior and tons of storage. A drink receptacle, speakers, broader and more comfortable driving seats, a lockable box, and a fashionable instrument panel are notable features. Your transport is guaranteed to be fast and quick thanks to high excellent ground clearance and improved pickups.”

“Better mileage and low running cost than CNG auto

Mahindra E-Alfa mini variant is among the top choices in the passenger electric/e-rickshaw market. Mahindra is offering this electric auto with a good deal in price and features. It has better mileage and a lower running cost than a CNG truck but has no sound or clutch. I’ve been using e-alfa in Delhi for 1 year and have had no problem with traffic. ¾ people carry easily, power no issue on big bridges or small lanes. Overall, I am a happy buyer of the electric Mahindra vehicles.”

Overall, it increases revenue and the success of your people’s transportation services. This 4-seater auto rickshaw helps you and your passenger transportation business soar to new heights. 

Critical Overview of Mahindra E-Alfa Mini Auto Rickshaw

Power2 HP
Torque3.2 Nm
Transmission Direct drive
Seating CapacityD+4
Warranty 1 Year on battery 2 years on the vehicle

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