K-water Organizes 2024 Networking Reception at World Water Forum: Enhancing Global Collaborations


Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water) orchestrated the 2024 K-water Alumni & Global Partners Networking Reception during the World Water Forum in Bali, Indonesia.

Strengthening International Collaborations

Gathering luminaries and dignitaries from Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines, alongside esteemed partners from international investment entities, the event underscored K-water’s commitment since 1997 to leverage its water management expertise. K-water has been fostering collaborations with global partners, including multilateral development banks and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

International Education Initiatives

Over the years, K-water, in conjunction with its partners, has spearheaded international education initiatives in the water sector. These encompass consulting services, tailored training programs, and technology exchanges aimed at bolstering water management capabilities worldwide. To date, over 5,000 individuals from 124 countries have benefited from these collaborative endeavors.

Facilitating Multilateral Knowledge Exchange

The event served as a platform to fortify K-water’s international network, fostering multilateral knowledge exchange with partner countries and international investment institutions. Discussions also delved into pressing global issues such as climate change.

Showcasing Technological Advancements

Highlighted amidst the World Water Forum were three groundbreaking technologies championed by K-water, notably digital twin technology. Additionally, K-water is at the forefront of establishing an international knowledge exchange platform to tackle water challenges on a global scale.

Notable Participants and Collaborators

Distinguished attendees included high-ranking officials such as Basuki Hadimuljono, Indonesia’s Minister of Public Works and Public Housing, and An Pich Hatda, Cambodia’s Secretary of State for Water Resources and Meteorology. Representatives from partner countries, along with delegates from global investment institutions and the World Bank, were also present.

Insight Sharing and Collaborative Efforts

At the reception, K-water shared insights into knowledge exchange initiatives and capability enhancement programs within the water sector. Discussions encompassed the corporation’s major technological advancements, including AI-based water purification plants.

Forward Momentum in Knowledge Exchange

An agreement inked with the World Bank further underscores K-water’s commitment to advancing knowledge exchange in digital water technologies. Special sessions during the forum facilitated the sharing of models and case studies on global water management education cooperation.

Commitment to Addressing Climate Crisis

President Yun Seogdae reiterated K-water’s dedication to combating the climate crisis in the water sector. Emphasizing the pivotal role of digital water management technologies, President Yun affirmed K-water’s resolve to continue fostering knowledge cooperation and providing solutions for global water management challenges.

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