The latest Model of Electric Vehicle (EV)on Last Mile Mobility: YC Electric Yatri Super

YC Electric Yatri Super

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EVs have always been the focal point of discussion in this century. They are sophisticated and travel from point A to point B without polluting the environment. Hence, a country like India needs last-mile mobility, especially in the low-speed passenger carrier segment. The new entrant in the market is YC Electric Yatri Super. 

The vehicles cater to the low-speed electric vehicle market with their unique features and capabilities. What catches the eye of the masses is that YC Electric Yatri Super is low on price point, has a moderate mileage range, and has an average charging time. It is a cost-effective alternative for shorter, less frequent trips as it is priced between Rs. 1.69 Lakhs and Rs. 1.73 Lakhs (price may vary depending upon the place). 

YC Electric Yatri Super

The ride is a modern mode of transportation designed to meet the needs of today’s commuters and fleet operators’ last-mile mobility needs. The blog will emphasize the ride’s built quality, range, price capacity, charging time, speed, and other features. 

But why do we need EVs in last-mile mobility? 

India has very complex roadways, and last-mile mobility is the need of the hour for those who don’t have a personal vehicle. They can only afford affordable convenience for shared mobility, and it can be the easiest commute to travel within the city without erupting harmful gases. And yes, even CNG also plays a part in pollution, so EV can be a reliable alternative and help the community.

Electric vehicles today provide a better total cost of ownership (TCO), hence better savings per kilometer or kg type of operation than an equivalent ICE vehicle. Given the government’s impetus, the passenger segment electrification will also evolve in the coming times because of its lower operation costs and financing options. 

YC Electric Yatri Super

Also, if statistics are to be believed, battery electric technology is expected to grow and dominate in the future. We estimate that there will be  30% EV penetration in the next 2-3 years and 50% electrification by 2030 in the last mile segment. This means 50% of the vehicles will be fuel-dependent, and both ecologies, i.e., ICE and EV, will coexist for some time. 

Engine specifications

The electric rickshaw displays sound output and is, hence, a popular three-wheeler in India under 2.02 HP. The three-wheeler model is equipped with an automatic and 1 Forward + 1 Reverse gearbox. It gives an effortless performance on dry to wet farm fields and also gives buyers a type of bar handle that offers a firm grip on the vehicle. But the widespread last mile mobility has other sordid features such as:


The battery is equipped with a 41.7 Ah type and has a turnaround time of 4-5 hours. 


The vehicle has a BLDC Motor, and its battery capacity is good. Hence, it yields a high output with an automatic transmission. Also, the electric rickshaw has a powerful and efficient motor. The BLDC motor helps the vehicle attain a top speed of 25 km/hr. The motor is capable of commuting up to 75–90 km on a single charge. It is ideal for city commutes and short trips.


the electric vehicle has a capacity of 693 kg and can carry a high payload volume with ease. The seating capacity is Driver + 4 Passenger. The wheelbase is 1668 MM and helps distribute weight and have the capacity effortlessly. The configuration of front tyres is  3.00×12 and 3 x 12 Configuration rear tyres. The ride offers a slightly higher ground clearance at 150 mm, potentially offering better performance over uneven surfaces.

Max Power2 hp
Max Speed25 km/hr
Turning Radius3500 mm
Product TypeL3M (Low Speed)
Overall length2780 mm
Overall width995 mm
Overall height1755 mm
Wheel based1668 mm
Power SteeringNo
Seat Typestandard
Driver Information DisplayYes
BrakesDrum Brakes
Front SuspensionHydraulic Suspension
Rear SuspensionLeaf Spring Suspension
Parking Brakesyes
Chassis TypeChassis with Cabin
Body OptionFully Built
Cabin TypeDay Cabin
Number of tyres3
Fog Lights No

About YC Electric Yatri Super E Rickshaw Price And Features

The standout feature of YC Electric Yatri is its spaciousness. The main aim is passenger capacity, and the E rickshaw has a seating capacity of four passengers and a driver. The E rickshaw also helps reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in urban areas. It also reduces sound pollution, thus making it an ideal choice to improve air quality and curb noise pollution. 

YC Electric Yatri Super

The drive comes with advanced technology, such as a mobile charging port and a music system, making it more user-friendly and convenient for passengers. 

Concluding words

The YC Electric Yatri Super E Rickshaw is a versatile, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly transportation option. It is suitable for designated urban and rural environments where low-speed aids in safer navigation through crowded areas. It is also an excellent option for low-wage workers. 

Although it doesn’t have luxury features like air conditioning, cruise control, and navigation systems, it focuses on basic transport functionality. However, the standard seating is for one driver plus four passengers, emphasizing its role as an accessible public or shared transport solution. 

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