The Yakuza Karishma: India’s Budget-Friendly Electric Car

Yakuza Karishma

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Automobiles have joined the electrification space, and it is welcoming new players who focus on affordability and practicality. It is the only space that is constantly evolving due to rivalry, creativity, and technological advancements. These advancements are also providing greener alternatives to fuels. One such feather in the hat is the new  3-seater EV, Yakuza Karishma.

Yakuza Karishma

What can Yakuza Karishma bring to the table of the EV Market?

Yakuza Karishma is India’s cheapest new-age electric vehicle manufacturer, and it is from Sirsa, Haryana. Maa Luxmi E-Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. produced it under the Yakuza brand. The EV gives the luxuries of the car at the price of a two-wheeler. The company believes in providing an eco-friendly solution for your daily commute without burning a hole in your pocket.

One reason the Yakuza brand also forays into a range of electric two-wheelers is to grab a chunk of the fast-expanding electric two-wheeler market in the country. The company’s manufacturing capability allows it to roll out 200+ vehicles per day. Hence, the company envisions capturing the Indian market by making it more affordable at Rs 1.7 lakh. Its pricing and tough competition with Tata Nano have created quite a stir in the Indian market. 

Yakuza Karishma

The game-changing brand has not compromised in the vehicle’s build-up. Yakuza Karishma represents cutting-edge engineering and ecologically benign design. With its unique designs, it emerges as a symbol of the electric revolution and is perfect for city commutes. 

The car is equipped with a multi-speed intelligent design and ample ground clearance. It only makes it easy to navigate congested city traffic. 

The blog will be a detailed review of Yakuza Karishma, where we will be discussing its specifications and look out for any drawbacks. But before that, below is the bird’s eye view of specifications.  

Type3-seater electric car
Weight1,100 kg
Dimensions3,800 mm (length) x 1,650 mm (width) x 1,550 mm (height)
Charging time 6 hours on a regular charger
Range50-60km on a single charge
Top speed85 km/h
Motor10 kW electric motor
Battery Capacity60v45ah
Battery21.5 kWh lithium-ion battery
Charger ConnectionType 2

Range and Charging 

Though EVs have catapulted the market, range anxiety always looms on drivers’ minds. That is why the makers have laden the car with double battery backup for convenience. 

Understanding range and charging capabilities is paramount for prospective buyers. The range is the distance an EV can travel on a single charge, and charging is the process of replenishing the vehicle’s battery.

These two aspects have always determined the future of sustainable transportation.

The heart of any vehicle lies in its powertrain. The package determines performance and efficiency. Yakuza Karishma EV can travel 50–60 kilometres on a single charge because of its 60v45ah battery. It only needs six to seven hours to charge itself from a Type 2 charging connection fully. However, it takes longer to replenish the battery fully. Hence, charging can be done overnight at home. The charging capacity and range offered by the EV are pretty satisfactory for shorter trips around the city. 

Design and Exterior 

The electric car has been designed with a stylish and aerodynamic exterior. The edges have sharp lines and a sloping roofline which gives a sleek appearance. The LED headlights and daytime running lights while there is a diffuser and LED tail lights at the rear end. It has other cool features to embark on a desire in youth, such as a smooth undercarriage and a tapered rear end. 

Yakuza Karishma

The feature only improves the car’s efficiency. How so? The sloping roofline gives a sporty look and helps to reduce drag, improving efficiency. The sharp lines along the edges give a trim look and accentuate the car’s curves. 

Features Onboard: Comfort and Convenience

Features always enhance the driving experience. The EV boasts a range of Gen Z-friendly features. Yakuza Karishma EV makers have integrated every feature that an average car has. 

The features include power windows, bottle holders, chrome door handles, projector headlamps, LED fog lamps, a wide grille, and integrated LED tail lamps. It also offers a car blower and an infotainment display equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. It also has a rear parking camera, speakers, a panoramic sunroof, and push-button start/stop functionality to add a touch of sophistication, catering to the needs of youth. 

The electric gem still has many tricks up its sleeves, including LED DRLs, projector headlamps at the front, a connected LED tailgate, LED fog lamps, a broad grille, chrome door handles, a reverse parking camera, a reclining driver’s seat, grab handles for all passengers, an openable window, a lockable charging port at the rear, alloy wheels, and more.

Yakuza Karishma

The makers of Yakuza Karishma are offering a plush seating area with an advanced telescopic suspension for a comfortable ride. The Karishma EV campaign differentiates price and range fundamentally and will lead the future of mobility in India. The Indian automobile market is witnessing the rise of electric vehicles. 

However, the car is still unchartered territory, having been launched in October 2023. 

Problems Ahead for Yakuza Karishma

Limited Range: The car’s range is only 50-60 kilometres, so it will not be a favourable choice for longer journeys. 

Low top speed: the electric car is capable of reaching a top speed of 85 km/hr.

Limited charging stations: if you are travelling long distances, chances are you will get fewer charging stations.

Untested performance: It has been launched fairly recently. Hence, there have been no test drives and independent reviews. So, its performance and safety remain unknown. 

After-sales service: it is a relatively new company. Hence, it still needs time to develop credibility with the service network and spare part availability. 

Parting words: Final Verdict

Going green is a lifestyle choice. Join the lifestyle without withholding on style and comfort. The vehicle is a testament to your sustainable future. But the EV market comes with its challenges. The Indian automobile space is developing, and products like these will only pave the way to a larger audience in the future. 

Yakuza is definitely a game changer with an environmental-conscious element. It is a sensational driving with a sustainability clause and holds immense potential. But it is too early to jump on the bandwagon. We should wait for deliveries and independent reviews. Low prices may come with their share of compromises. 

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