Zero21’s Project Gagan Paves the Way for Electric Auto-Rickshaws

Project Gagan

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In a bid to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and combat pollution, Hyderabad-based ZERO21 Renewable Energy Solutions has launched ‘Project Gagan’. This innovative initiative targets the conversion of fossil fuel-powered auto-rickshaws to electric ones, offering owners the choice to retrofit their vehicles or exchange them for new electric three-wheelers. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, Project Gagan aims to revolutionize urban transportation by reducing emissions and operating costs while providing long-term benefits to drivers.

The Retrofitting Process

At the heart of Project Gagan lies a streamlined retrofitting process, facilitated by a specially designed Conversion Kit. This kit enables the seamless conversion of any internal combustion engine (ICE) passenger three-wheeler into an electric vehicle in less than four hours, as highlighted in the press release. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, ZERO21 ensures that the transition to electric power is efficient and hassle-free for auto-rickshaw owners.

Ambitious Targets

With an ambitious vision in mind, Zero21 aims to target 100,000 autos as part of Project Gagan over the next five years. Whether through retrofitment or exchange for new electric autos, the goal is to catalyze widespread adoption of EVs within the auto-rickshaw segment. By setting such targets, Zero21 underscores its commitment to driving positive change in the transportation industry and combating environmental challenges.

Target Audience and Benefits

Project Gagan primarily caters to auto-rickshaw owners and fleet operators, emphasizing the health benefits of reduced pollution and the economic advantages of lower operating and maintenance costs. By transitioning to electric vehicles, drivers can enjoy significant savings in the long run, contributing to their financial well-being. Moreover, by reducing emissions, Project Gagan aligns with broader sustainability goals, fostering cleaner and healthier cities.

Product Offerings

Zero21 offers a diverse range of electric three-wheelers, catering to both passenger and load carrier segments. With models available in both L3 and L5 categories, the company ensures that its offerings meet the diverse needs of urban transportation. By providing reliable and efficient electric vehicles, Zero21 empowers auto-rickshaw owners to embrace sustainability without compromising on performance or functionality.

In conclusion, Zero21’s Project Gagan represents a significant step towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for urban transportation. By offering a comprehensive solution for the conversion of auto-rickshaws to electric power, the initiative addresses key challenges such as pollution and rising operating costs. With ambitious targets and a focus on delivering tangible benefits to drivers, Project Gagan sets a precedent for innovation and environmental stewardship in the automotive industry. As cities worldwide seek to transition towards greener modes of transportation, initiatives like Project Gagan serve as a beacon of hope, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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