BEST Leases 2,400 Electric Buses thus Electrifying Mumbai’s Public Transport

Olectra Greentech electric bus

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In a significant move towards sustainable urban mobility, the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST), Mumbai’s premier public transport operator, has inked a transformative deal. Indian media sources reveal that BEST has entered into a contract with Olectra Greentech to lease 2,400 cutting-edge electric buses from the manufacturer for twelve years.

Additionally, Olectra Greentech has been entrusted with the maintenance of these buses. This development marks a pivotal moment in Mumbai’s transition towards eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Procurement of Electric Buses

Under the agreement, BEST is set to acquire an additional 250 electric buses from an undisclosed manufacturer, further bolstering its commitment to sustainable transit options. The decision underscores the city’s determination to address environmental concerns while enhancing the efficiency and reliability of its public transport network.

Olectra Greentech electric bus

Details and Timeline

Despite the lack of specific information regarding the Olectra bus model, reports from reputable sources like The Times of India indicate that these buses will measure twelve meters in length. Scheduled for delivery within eighteen months, these electric buses will soon traverse the bustling streets of Mumbai, catering to the needs of its approximately 27 million residents.

The total value of the order is estimated to be around 446 million euros, signifying a substantial investment in clean transportation infrastructure.

Ongoing Partnership and Technological Advancements

This isn’t the first collaboration between Mumbai and Olectra Greentech. In 2022, BEST placed an order for 2,100 electric buses from the same manufacturer, indicating a longstanding commitment to sustainable mobility solutions. The remarkable capacity of Olectra Greentech to deliver over two thousand buses within a relatively short span of 18 months can be attributed, in part, to its strategic alliance with BYD, the global leader in electric bus manufacturing.

Olectra Greentech electric bus

BYD’s expertise, coupled with its partnership with the MEIL Group since 2013, has facilitated the production of electric buses in India. Olectra Greentech, being a part of the MEIL Group, benefits significantly from this collaboration, ensuring the timely deployment of electric buses to address the evolving transportation needs of Mumbai.


The partnership between BEST and Olectra Greentech marks a significant milestone in Mumbai’s journey towards sustainable urban mobility. By transitioning to electric buses, the city not only addresses environmental concerns but also enhances the quality and accessibility of public transportation services. As Mumbai paves the way for other metropolises to embrace eco-friendly transit solutions, this collaborative effort sets a commendable precedent for fostering cleaner and more efficient urban transportation systems.

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