CATL and Yutong Collaborate on Revolutionary Longevity EV Battery

long-life EV battery

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CATL, in partnership with Yutong Bus Co, has unveiled a groundbreaking battery designed to power commercial vehicles such as buses and various classes of trucks.


Partnership Announcement

Yutong, a prominent player in China’s bus manufacturing sector, has revealed plans to incorporate these innovative battery packs into their upcoming electric vehicle lineup. According to Yutong, this new EV battery boasts unparalleled longevity, exhibiting zero degradation throughout the initial 1,000 cycles.

Unprecedented Longevity

Crafted in collaboration with CATL, the new EV battery pack comes with an extraordinary 15-year warranty or an impressive distance coverage of 932,000 miles (1.5 million km). Yutong proudly labels this long-lasting battery as an industry pioneer. Furthermore, the company also introduced another battery variant featuring a 10-year lifespan or a range of 621,000 miles (1 million km).

long-life EV battery

Decade-Long Partnership

CATL and Yutong’s collaboration traces back to 2012 when they forged a decade-long alliance to jointly develop batteries for commercial vehicles. This partnership aims to harness their collective expertise to venture into international markets with cutting-edge vehicles and batteries.

Advancements in Battery Technology

This recent announcement represents just one of many strides made by CATL in battery technology. In February, CATL, alongside other Chinese automotive titans and battery behemoths, joined forces to spearhead the development of solid-state batteries, marking a significant milestone in the industry.

Market Dominance

China’s stronghold in the EV battery sector is evident, with CATL and BYD alone commanding over 50% of the market share. Recent data from SNE Research via Bloomberg indicates that CATL’s sales in the US and Europe witnessed a remarkable doubling last year.

Global Adoption

Noteworthy is the extensive adoption of BYD and CATL batteries by leading automotive manufacturers worldwide, including Tesla, Ford, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and Kia.

Innovations and Milestones

CATL continues to push boundaries with its cutting-edge offerings. Last summer, the company introduced the “Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery,” capable of providing a range extension of 248 miles (400 km) in just 10 minutes. Additionally, CATL has pledged to slash the cost of LFP battery cells per kWh by an astounding 50% by mid-year, promising affordability without compromising quality.

Strategic Partnerships

Following the unveiling of its battery strategy, NIO recently announced a collaborative effort with CATL to develop long-life EV batteries. This development coincides with the rollout of NIO’s first 900V electric drive system, featuring a rapid five-minute charge capable of adding 150 miles (255 km) to the vehicle’s range.

In conclusion, the partnership between CATL and Yutong heralds a new era in the realm of electric vehicle batteries, promising unparalleled longevity, performance, and sustainability. As these advancements continue to reshape the automotive landscape, the future of electric mobility appears brighter than ever before.

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