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Home Discussion Space Green Technology Innovations High voltage and low amps output ! Reply To: High voltage and low amps output !

  • Sreya Mathur

    April 15, 2023 at 11:15 am
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    It’s not a stupid question at all. The difference in voltage and amperage between your solar panels can indicate a potential issue. Here are a few suggestions for testing your solar panels:

    1. Use a multimeter: A multimeter can measure both the voltage and amperage of your solar panels. You can use it to compare the output of the panel in question with the other panels to see if there is a significant difference.

    2. Check the wiring: Make sure the wiring connections between the solar panel and the controller are tight and secure. Loose connections can cause voltage drops and affect the output.

    3. Test under different conditions: Try testing the panel under different conditions, such as shading or during different times of the day, to see if the output changes significantly.

    If the issue persists and you are unable to identify the cause, it may be best to contact a professional for assistance.