The new Mahindra E Alfa Cargo 3W: The economical cargo Delivery in town 

Mahindra E Alfa Cargo

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Mahindra has extended its electric lineup at the start of this year with Mahindra E Alfa Cargo. Vehicles have quickly gained favor in the last-mile goods transportation market. It is a choice among Indian carriers and company owners in the commercial sector due to its outstanding performance, capacity, and astonishingly low operating costs. 

The blog will focus on a full-blown review of the vehicle, starting with what makes it unique. Let’s start with it. 

What makes Mahindra E Alfa Cargo more resourceful? 

The vehicle is offered with a single-chassis version with a cabin that has a wholly constructed body, a typical day cabin, and a loading platform. It is a battery-operated three-wheeler, which gives lower operating costs to MSMEs. The model is apt for delivering cargo materials in semi-urban, urban, and rural markets.

The new electric Mahindra wheel cargo comes with a dual-speed manual transmission and generates a peak power of 1.5kW, simultaneously using the high torque gear. The cargo tray has a payload of 310kg and can only travel up to 80 km on a single charge

Mahindra E Alfa Cargo

When not putting any weight in the cargo, the range can shoot up to 123 km. 

The actual figure may be less than 80. But it can easily surpass 65 km. The Mahindra e-Alfa electric three-wheeler cargo is limited to 25 mph. The vehicle can be juiced up via an off-board 48 V/15 A charger.

The vehicle is also a fully digital instrument cluster that displays valuable information on its range, speed, and state of charge (SoC). 

The cargo can easily carry enough materials from one point to another with a 5% gradeability degree in first gear. Then, it rides over steeper roads comfortably. With higher torque, it can switch to 7% gradability. Hence, it is a perfect example of why this cargo is best with rough terrains. 

Let’s know more about the vehicle specifications

Max power1.34 bhp
Product TypeL3N (low speeds goods carrier)
Overall length2795 mm
Overall width990 mm
Overall height1790 mm
Ground Clearance138 mm
Gear BoxDual speed
Power steeringNo
SteeringHandle bar type
Seat typestandard
Driver information displayyes
Seating capacityDriver only
Body optionDeck body
Cabin typeDay cabin
Number of tyres3
Rear tyreFR – R10, RR – R12
Front tyreFR – R10, RR – R12

Powertrain and Performance

The cargo is relatively compact in its design when compared to the ICE version. This is because it only has a battery and motor in the engine. 

The battery sources its power from a brushless DC 1000W motor, which can produce 1.56 kW of maximum power output and 3.2 Nm of maximum torque output. The top speed ensures faster uptime in intracity cargo transportation. 

Mahindra E Alfa Cargo

The figures might need to be better, but when you put in the market price point and size. Then Mahindra e-Alfa Cargo is a decent load hauler for urban conditions. 

The cargo is a better option for hiking your business profits. It is a better alternative to conventional fuel-based vehicles. 

Suspension and Brakes

The suspension combination is made of a single telescopic hydraulic shock absorber at the front and a leaf spring setup for both wheels at the rear. At the same time, the front wheel and rear wheels of the Mahindra e-Alfa Cargo come equipped with drum brakes for stopping power.

Now, since we have covered every technical part and a table for design specifications, we can now focus on interiors. 

Interior and Exterior

Mahindra has offered a single variant in the vehicle with five color options. They are red, blue, yellow, white, and green. The front profile of the Mahindra e-Alfa Cargo is reserved for the passenger version. The vehicle has rounded headlamps and turn indicators integrated into blacked housings with curved inner edges. 

E Alfa Cargo

The Fender and mudguard over the front wheel have a blacked-out finish. There is a black garnish housing a Mahindra logo in the middle. A flat deck for the goods replaces the passenger cabin and opposite-facing seats of the Alfa mini. 

The Fender has rounded headlamps with turn indicators in rounded trapezoidal housing. Also, the essential equipment list of Mahindra e-Alfa Cargo comprises a single compact instrument console. 

Can it live up to its promise? 

The cargo vehicle sector is overloaded with light to heavier weight materials. But Mahindra has always served this sector with its most comprehensive range of commercial vehicles for your cargo transport needs. This is why they have expertise and a wider market knowledge. 

Mahindra e-Alfa Cargo can navigate rugged rural terrain effortlessly. With the most modern engine technology and strong aggregates, these vehicles can move narrow streets. It is a popular cargo model in India for intracity goods delivery. 

Mahindra E Alfa Cargo

The vehicle amalgamates the business needs and customers’ requirements for the growing pathways. It is considered the only comprehensive three-wheeler in this category. 

Suman Mishra, CEO of Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited, said, “The last-mile delivery segment is seeing excellent adoption of electric 3-wheelers due to significant operating cost advantages versus fossil fuel-powered 3-wheelers. We are now launching the e Alfa Cargo e-cart in response to the customer requirements in this segment. With savings of Rs. 60 000.00 over a diesel cargo 3-wheeler, the e-Alfa Cargo aims to provide a sustainable, pollution-free solution in the cargo segment.”

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