Electric Cruiser MXMoto M16 Dominates the Indian Market

MXMoto M16

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Unmatched Battery Performance: Longevity and Assurance

The Indian electric bike market witnesses a surge in options for environmentally-conscious riders. Yet, for those yearning for the timeless cruiser style sans the reliance on gas pumps, the MXMoto M16 emerges as a beacon. Holding the title of India’s strongest electric cruiser, it offers an unparalleled warranty package. Let’s delve deeper into the extraordinary features of the M16.

Superior Battery Performance for Peace of Mind

Distinguishing itself from competitors, the MXMoto M16 presents an industry-leading battery warranty. Imagine owning an electric bike backed by an 8-year warranty on its Lithium battery. This translates to eight years of carefree riding, knowing that your power source remains protected. However, the M16’s battery isn’t solely about longevity; it’s a powerhouse of performance.

Power Packed with Smart Technology: Efficiency and Innovation

MXMoto integrates the M16 with an advanced Lithium battery leveraging Smart App technology. This ensures enhanced security and real-time monitoring of your battery’s health. Yet, the true marvel lies in the numbers. With a remarkable 140 Nm motor torque and a near-perfect 98% conversion efficiency, the M16 offers raw power channeled efficiently, promising exhilarating acceleration.

These features showcase the remarkable performance, durability, and convenience offered by the MXMoto M16 electric cruiser.

Battery Warranty8-year warranty on the Lithium battery
Motor Torque140 Nm
Conversion Efficiency98%
Bike Warranty80,000 km
Range on a Single Charge160 km to 220 km
Electricity Consumption per Charge1.5 units
Charging Time (0 to 90%)3 hours
Controller80 AMP
Braking SystemRegenerative braking
DisplayTFT display
MaterialHigh-resistance metal chassis

Built to Last: Strength and Durability

MXMoto doesn’t compromise on durability. The M16 is crafted to endure the challenges of Indian roads. Its chassis, fashioned from high-resistance metal, ensures a robust build capable of withstanding daily commutes and weekend adventures. Offering an 80,000 km warranty on the bike itself is a testament to MXMoto’s confidence in the M16’s exceptional build quality.

MXMoto M16

Extended Range and Rapid Charging: Convenience Redefined

No more range anxiety with the M16. This electric cruiser boasts an impressive 160 km to 220 km range on a single charge, depending on your riding mode. Furthermore, it consumes a mere 1.5 units of electricity per charge, with the ability to charge from 0 to 90% in just 3 hours.

Safety and Performance: Features Tailored for Riders

Safety remains a priority for MXMoto. The M16 features an 80 AMP controller, ensuring exceptional performance coupled with regenerative braking. This innovative system not only enhances braking efficiency but also extends the bike’s range by converting braking energy back into battery power.

MXMoto M16

Designed for Indian Riders: Comfort and Adaptability

Understanding the diverse terrains of Indian roads, MXMoto meticulously designs the M16 to offer a comfortable and confident ride. Equipped with a TFT display providing clear riding information and dual disc brakes for superior stopping power, the M16 ensures a safe journey on any terrain.

The MXMoto M16: A Testament to Power and Confidence

In summary, the MXMoto M16 stands as more than just an electric cruiser; it’s a testament to power, endurance, and a commitment to a greener future. With its unmatched warranty package, superior performance, and rider-centric design, the M16 emerges as a compelling choice for those seeking a thrilling and eco-friendly ride. Are you ready to embrace the future of cruising? Take the MXMoto M16 for a spin and redefine your perception of electric motorcycles

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