Bestune Xiaoma: Go Far, Charge Less. The Extended Range EV.

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Bestune Xiaoma micro-EV showcasing its innovative design and dual-tone color scheme
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Choose pure electric for over 500 km range or extend your adventures to 745 km with the range extender model. It's eco-friendly, easy on your wallet (starting around ₹3.47 lakh), and perfect for short commutes or weekend escapes. Bestune Xiaoma: Small car, big possibilities.

The Bestune Xiaoma Small Electric is a cute and eco-friendly micro electric vehicle (EV) designed for city driving and short commutes. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Appealing Design:

  • Offered in a convertible variant for an open-air feel (availability might vary).
  • Two-tone color options for a playful and vibrant look.
  • Boxy design with a modern touch.

Practical Size:

  • Ideal for navigating tight city streets and parking in small spaces.
  • Comfortably seats four passengers.

Electric Powertrain (two options):

  • Pure EV variant with a range exceeding 800 kilometers (over 500 miles) on a single charge (impressive for a micro EV).
  • Range extender variant with an even more extended range of up to 1200 kilometers (over 745 miles), perfect for longer trips with the help of a small gasoline engine that kicks in to recharge the battery.


  • Competitively priced, starting around ₹3.47 lakh (approximately $4,300 USD) in China. (Note: Price and availability may vary depending on your location).

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The Bestune Xiaoma is currently only available in China. There's no official information about its release in other markets.
  • Although the advertised range figures are impressive, real-world range can be affected by factors like driving conditions, weather, and battery health.
  • Safety features and interior details are not widely available at this time.

Overall, the Bestune Xiaoma Small Electric appears to be a compelling option for city dwellers seeking an affordable, eco-friendly, and practical electric car for short commutes. However, limited information is available as it's a new release.


Bestune Xiaoma: Go Far, Charge Less. The Extended Range EV. 0 reviews

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