The biggest achievement of OSM Vicktor: Extended the 3 Wheeler Range

OSM Vicktor

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Omega Seiki Mobility has launched a leader in EV technology in 3-wheelers and is gearing up to realize this vision with its new, futuristic EV vehicles and solutions. Presenting to you OSM Vicktor, the Future of Mobility Vision

The Green, Genuine, and Ground-Breaking Vehicle: OSM Vicktor

The vehicle will make even greater strides, being the last-mile delivery vehicle. The EV will eventually tap into the varied logistics and delivery requirements of the nation’s e-commerce space.

As there is a huge market gap in this segment. It will be a sustainable mobility solution with an integrated approach to connecting Automobiles and Society.

The brand is focused on creating a clean ecosystem with congestion-free mobility. The company is one of India’s leading clean energy incubators and has become synonymous with India’s success in sustainability.

The company aims to fast-track future mobility with green energy at its core in implementing data-driven, smart engineering. It also involves taking positive feedback from the customers.

The general perception behind EVs is that they don’t offer greater driving ranges, especially in the 3-wheeler section, which can be used for logistics and delivery. 

Team OSM believed that solving this problem could be a game changer. Therefore, they are heavily vested in increasing vehicle efficiency. 

Hence, Rage Vicktor was born to dispel this notion—a revolutionary product designed to tackle the problem of range anxiety. 

So before anything, let’s right jump into specifications and features.

Key Highlights of OSM ViCKTOR

Best-in-Industry Performance in every aspect.

  • OSM ViCKTOR’s range is a game changer with a 250 km/charge, ensuring additional trips and covering range anxiety. Therefore, it is a boon for logistics partners. 
  • Best in battery capacity with a 20 kWh Lithium-Ion battery pack. It has high energy per unit mass.
  • The device offers the highest power of 12.8 kW and the highest torque of 430 Nm on wheels.
  • They have the highest capacity, which is 450 kgs. Hence, greater earning opportunities. 
  • You can choose Open or Closed Carrier variants as per your business needs.
  • OSM ViCKTOR can be easily in high terrains and can climb high inclines, and is second to none with a grade ability of 9.2 degree

OSM ViCKTOR Specifications

Range250 km/charge
Battery Capacity20 kWh Lithium-Ion
Power12.8 kW (highest in class)
Torque430 Nm (highest in class)
Payload Capacity450 kg
VariantsOpen or Closed Carrier
Gradeability9.2 degrees

Advanced Technology

  • Lithium-ion technology: as we have said, an advanced battery pack ensures the highest dust and water protection. 
  • The design of the cabin was kept to the driver’s preference. The seat is ergonomically designed.
  • Metal body coated structure, ensuring extended years of services.
  • Other provisions in this vehicle include a telematics unit and GPS, a Windscreen and wiping system, Spare wheel provision, Economy and boost mode, a Lockable glove box, a Hazard indicator, and a Reverse Buzzer.
  • It has a Ground Clearance – of 175mm and is easy to ride on bumpy Indian Urban or Rural roads.

OSM Vicktor: Powertrain, Battery, and Range

Team OSM has faced the challenge of range anxiety, which was unachievable. But things have changed. 

During the trial run of 250 km, the EV succeeded in accomplishing the seemingly impossible task. All of it is in a single charge

As said, the EV uses an advanced lithium-ion battery. It helps in good high-temperature performance and minimal self-discharge.

A perfect eco-friendly solution for those who are seeking solutions for inter-city deliveries


The OSM ViCKTOR is the perfect solution to streamline and run your business effectively—a one-stop solution for any logistical problem. 

It can be applied to both hub-to-hub as well as hub and spoke models. Further, there is no downtime as it can be worked all day under different drivers. Thanks to its 251 km range in a single charge. 


The introductory prices for the OSM ViCKTOR start from Rs 5 lakh in Delhi, post-subsidy. But the prices are for the first 100 buyers. After that, there will be a hike. The electric three-wheeler gets a 3-year/80,000 km warranty, whichever is earlier.

During the price launch event, Mr UdayNarang, Founder and Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility said, 

The last-mile delivery and logistics segment needs long-range premium electric vehicles to enable reliable and economical cargo transportation. We are thrilled to launch another marvel and the Industry’s first electric three-wheeler, OSM ViCKTOR, which provides a range of 250 Km on a single charge. The vehicle demonstrates the latest technology and power-packed performance showcasing India on the world map.

OSM Vicktor

What next for OSM? 

With many sales, OSM has shifted the market dynamics in the 3-wheeler EV sector. The company has started its operations in 20 cities, equivalent to 10 lac Km per month. 

After solving range anxiety, OSM is now working closely with partners to help in supply chain disruptions. To achieve high-scale production of EVs, the company has set up JVs with Korean company Jae Sung Tech to manufacture a new range of powertrains.

OSM Vicktor

They are also considering manufacturing in-house motors and battery packs in the Make in India scheme. Apart from this, OSM has partnered with various banks and NBFCs. 

Thus helping customers with financing options. Also, setting up ‘Anglian Finvest’ for in-house financing entities. 

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